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BBQ Chicken Wing

Hawker Food at New Lane (Tasty Grilled Chicken Wing & Cuttlefish & Water Convolvulus)

OMG~ I just found out that the Grilled Chicken Wings and Cuttlefish & Water Convolvulus (Yau Yu Ong Choi) at New Lane tasted so good leh! I’ve had my dinner there for so many times and I never know that. I’m soo not qualified to be a food blogger huh?

Just look at the shiny, perfectly grilled chicken wings. The Honey Grilled Chicken Wing tasted great with tender meat and sweet taste. Not too sweet and very fragrant.


Noodle Station @ Kulim

Kulim is no longer a strange place to me when I joined my current company. It’s not that I’ve to be stationed at Kulim, but I’ve to travel there regularly. Recently, there’s a new shopping mall which is Giant (Kulim Landmark Central). A few new eating outlets opened at the Kulim Landmark Central which makes the lunch choices at Kulim a little more variety and not too boring.

Noodle Station is one of the few eating outlets at Giant. Thanks to Cariso, for inviting me to try out some dishes there.


Fried Emperor Noodle ; Penang Hawker Food

I was craving for the frog porridge at Sin Geylang. But unfortunately when we arrived, the shop was closed. Oops… it’s Wednesday. The shop is closed that day. Too bad. Since we were already very hungry, we just stopped by somewhere near to grab something to fill our stomach.

Sin Kim San Coffee shop where the delicious Top Taste hokkien mee is being served in the morning,  is serving a wide variety of hawker food at night. We are spoilt by too many choices of hawker food available. Ended up, no idea what to order.

My bf ordered a bowl of koay teow teng. Soup base is clear with average sweetness. The fish ball has springy texture, the way I like my fishball to be.


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