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Beef Koay Teow Soup

Hawker Food at New Lane (Tasty Grilled Chicken Wing & Cuttlefish & Water Convolvulus)

OMG~ I just found out that the Grilled Chicken Wings and Cuttlefish & Water Convolvulus (Yau Yu Ong Choi) at New Lane tasted so good leh! I’ve had my dinner there for so many times and I never know that. I’m soo not qualified to be a food blogger huh?

Just look at the shiny, perfectly grilled chicken wings. The Honey Grilled Chicken Wing tasted great with tender meat and sweet taste. Not too sweet and very fragrant.


Beef Koay Teow Soup @ Sungai Nibong; Penang Hawker Food

Whenever someone mention about Beef koay teow soup, straight away the Chulia Street beef koay teow will appear in my mind. If not for my colleague who told me about this, I wouldn’t have notice this stall.

This beef koay teow stall is located at Sg. Nibong area.

This beef koay teow stall is actually the same stall that operates at Sri Weld Food Court in the morning and lunch sessionĀ at Weld Quay area. At night, the owner operates the stall at Sg. Nibong area.


Beef Koay Teow @ Chulia Street | Penang Hawker Food

I’ve made a wish to the stars last night… ‘please don’t let me get fat so that I can eat more and share more food with my readers’.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers Happy New Year 2009!

Let’s continue with food…

Finally I am able to satisfy my craving for beef koay teow after a few fruitless trip as the coffee shop was closed during my last few trips. It’s very hard to get a parking here, but luckily we manage to get a parking after we circled that place for a few times.

It’s very easy to locate this coffee shop as it’s located opposite a fire station.

Chulia Street Beef Koay Teow Soup Stall

There’s my bowl of beef koay teow without any garlic oil added in. The fragrant aroma of the beef koay teow was rushing into my nostril when they served the koay teow. I just wanted to skip my photo shooting and slurp the soup. argh. . . have to bear a few minutes…

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