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Curry Mee

Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee

If someone ask you, ‘Would you like to have a full course curry meal? ‘ , what would come across your mind? When my uncle asked me that when I first arrived at Penang, I was imagining an Indian cuisine. To my very surprise, it’s actually hawker food which serve curry mee with a wide variety of curry side dishes.

This curry mee stall is located at Raja Uda, Butterworth which only operates at dinner time. This stall is always flooded with customers during my visits.

Upon arriving, the more than 10 curry dishes definitely caught my attention. The fragrant of the curry spices immediately attack my nostril. Being a tam chiak (person who loves to eat) girl, if can I want to order all those curry dishes be it curry chicken, curry squid, curry prawn, curry clams, curry string ray, etc! Let’s forget about the cholesterol for the time being :P

Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee 9


Noodle Station @ Kulim

Kulim is no longer a strange place to me when I joined my current company. It’s not that I’ve to be stationed at Kulim, but I’ve to travel there regularly. Recently, there’s a new shopping mall which is Giant (Kulim Landmark Central). A few new eating outlets opened at the Kulim Landmark Central which makes the lunch choices at Kulim a little more variety and not too boring.

Noodle Station is one of the few eating outlets at Giant. Thanks to Cariso, for inviting me to try out some dishes there.


Tua Pui Curry Mee | Penang Hawker Food

At Tua Pui Curry Mee Stall, I was expecting a tua pui (tua pui is hokkien language which means fatty) to cook the curry mee. I looked around the stall but I can’t find any tua pui… hehe.. :P   Wonder why it’s call Tua Pui Curry Mee? 

Tua Pui Curry Mee is located along the Weld Quay main road which opens from 9am – 6pm. There are a few of big umbrellas set beside the road to provide some shade for the curry mee customer. You can also opt to eat the curry mee inside the house too.There are a few small tables inside.

A regular bowl of curry mee without any extra ingredients added. This bowl is mine lor… without cockles and pig’s blood one as usual :P  


Curry Mee @ Pulau Tikus ; Penang Hawker Food

It’s always a happy day during weekend as it’s a non working day. :) Normally we would drive to town area for late breakfast. This is one of my favourite place for breakfast, the food are great and there are lots of choices.

My favourite would be curry mee. This curry mee stall has been featured by Rasa Rasa Penang.


Curry Mee & Koay Teow Teng @ Jln Samak ; Penang Hawker Food

Weekend is always a food hunt day. Our food hunt continue after Ah Leng Char Koay Teow. This stall just located very near to the ckt stall. It’s located opposite the Esso petrol station, just beside a Chinese temple.

This stall has been in operation since 1980. Normal business hour is from 7.30am – 10.30am. But once in a while you can be lucky just like us, who get to eat at 12pm. :)

The curry mee soup base look so white when the chili is not being mixed into it. But it’s very fragrant with just the adequate amount of coconut juice.


Air Itam Sister Curry Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

Let’s go to a unique place for a bowl of curry mee. How unique is it? You have to bend down when you order your bowl of curry mee. Why do I say so? Read more to find out…

See the picture below. That’s how the stall owner prepare the curry mee. She’s sitting on a small bench and all the utensils are also located on top of small benches. As you can see, the soup is cook with charcoal.

Air Itam Curry Mee Stall

The curry mee looks very white when the chili is not mix with the soup. There are some well marinated squid on top of the noodle. You can always ask for a special order to add extra squid or extra tofu or extra bihun. Just get your custom made bowl of curry mee here.

When I was having my bowl of curry mee there, I heard one customer order for less bihun with extra squid and chili. And I saw the bowl of curry mee… a generous portion of squid and the chili. I saw sweat were dripping from the man’s head when he consume that bowl of curry mee. But he seems like enjoyed it very much.

Air Itam Curry Mee 1


JJ Cafe (Jerejak Jetty Cafe) ; Penang Food

JJ Cafe is located at the jetty where you can take your boat to Jerejak Island. I thought that this place serves western food, but to my astonishment it serves malay food. Malay food is not a problem for me as I like spicy food.

We ordered nasi lemak, curry mee and one finger food.

The food was served quite fast as we are the only people dining there. The presentation of the nasi lemak is normal, the rice is not in a bowl shape which I expected it should be presentated that way. JJ Cafe Nasi Lemak To my disappointment, the rice was rather cold and lacked of coconut juice fragrant. The chili tasted more to sweet side. The chicken was something like soy sauce braised chicken which tasted very normal.

Curry Mee & Wantan Mee @ Chulia Street ; Penang Hawker Food

Penang is very famous of its hawker food. Every hawker center or coffee shop you enter, the very common food will be char koay teow, hokkien mee, curry mee, wantan mee and jawa mee. But it’s very rare to have the good ones to concentrate in one hawker centre or coffee shop. So, you’ll have to travel to a few coffee shop to satisfy your craving for Penang Hawker Food.

There one place where you can find a few good hawker food at night. It’s located along Chulia Street. It’s a very busy street at night as well as in the morning. In the morning, you can find the famous and tasty beef koay teow at the other end of the street.

You are able to locate quite a number to tourist dining at this area.

Chulia Street

The curry mee here do not really need much introduction among Penangnites. I believe many bloggers have blogged about it too.

Curry Mee @ Campbell Street Market | Penang Hawker Food

There’s just a 15 minutes interval between my breakfast and my lunch. Right after having hokkien mee, lor bak and wantan mee at Kafe Kheng Pin we continue our food hunting. Yea, we really do have big appetite. Haha…

This is another place recommended by a friend of mine. A curry mee stall located outside Campbell Street Market. It’s a unique place to have a bowl of curry mee.

Campbell Street Market Curry Mee Stall 1


Peng Hwa Laksa and Char Koay Teow | Penang Hawker Food

After the trishaw egg tart, we continue our food hunting. Ran out of idea d… suddenly thought of this coffee shop opposite Peng Hwa Secondary School which is famous for its laksa. So, off we go for laksa!

But to my disappointment, the laksa standard deteriorate ler… It tasted so sweet even I added some chili padi into it. Is it because of too much shrimp paste or the pineapple taste too sweet?

Laksa Never tried the curry mee here although I often visit this coffee shop. Let’s give it a try. Hmm.. taste wise. Too normal. Nothing special to brag on. The coconut juice taste is too heavy for my liking.

Curry Mee And finally char koay teow (ckt). This is how my bf like his ckt – without the taugeh. But I like mine with extra taugeh. Haha… totally opposite. The ckt taste good with 3 average size prawn served. Full of wok hei.
char koay teow We were extremely full after the visit to this coffee shop. The popiah and the kuih talam is nice too, but my stomach is too full. Hmm… wonder can we win penangtuapui?

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