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Hokkien Mee

Balik Pulau Laksa (Laksa Marathon Part III); Penang Hawker Food

Laksa soup, fish and laksa noodle… all these were swimming and fighting in my stomach afte the laksa’s’ in our laksa marathon trip part I & part II. We still have one target place in mind for laksa but our stomach are not able to take it at that time. To give our ‘little’ stomach sometime for digestion before another bowl of laksa, we drove up to Bukit Genting to see if there’s any nice scene for photography.

Only able to take a few shots as the weather was too hot, I am not able to withstand it. Before I continue with my third bowl of laksa, let me share some shots I took at Bukit Genting first.

Butterfly shot.

Green green view from top…


Classic Hokkien Mee @ Perak Road ; Penang Hawker Food

Phew… finally I am able to taste this ever famous Classic Hokkien Mee which is always being talked among Penangnites. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know that why I always miss it. :P

We went to hunt for this hokkien mee before our journey to Cameron. When we arrived, this stall was just getting ready to open. So, we decided to try our luck on Super Hokkien Mee. I asked the super hokkien stall onwer how long shall we wait for 2 bowls, she said 45 minutes. Aiyo… it’s just 8am that moment, and we need to wait 45 minutes? It’s unbelieveable! We can’t wait that long, so we decided to go back to Classic Hokkien Mee.

Just in an interval of ~ 10 minutes only, there are already a few table occupied. Luckily we just have waited for ~ 20 minutes for our hokkien mee. Later on in this post, I’ll let you know the reason for the 20 minutes wait.

Finally… my bowl of hokkien mee. A very simple one with just a few pieces of shrimps and sliced porks. The soup base tasted sweet and packed with prawn fragrant.


Koay Teow Teng @ Pulau Tikus Market ; Penang Hawker Food

On one Sunday morning, CL overheard me on the phone with a friend of mine. She called to ask where can she gets a bowl of nice koay teow teng (ktt). She’s thinking to go over to try out the Pitt Street ktt but I pointed out that I prefer the one at Jalan Samak more.

When I hung up with her, CL asked me whether have I tried the ktt at Pulau Tikus Market. I was like… huh? I never heard anyone talked about a bowl of good ktt at Pulau Tikus Market. CL said I really should try it out as he himself likes it a lot. CL offered to bring us there for the ktt and we accepted the offer happily. I’m sure happy as can try out new food. :)

My bowl of ktt with added fish balls (7 of them). A normal bowl will have 2 pcs of fish balls. The ingredients are pretty normal where they are a few slices of meat and fish cake. 


Top Taste Hokkien Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

What a lazy Sunday morning… I woke up late again. Not able to go to the famous Perak Road or One Corner Cafe Hokkien Mee again. *geram*! Why all the famous hokkien mee finish so early one… can’t they make more to sell? :P  or… I actually should wake up earlier huh. :P

Since we are late, so no luck on the hokkien mee already. So we have to come out with another plan on what to have for our breakfast. My bf suggested the Fried Fish Fillet Bihun Soup at Macalister Road. I immediately agreed as I love the fish there. To our disappointment, we saw that the coffee shop is under renovation and the bihun soup stall was gone. :(

Later we found out that the bihun soup stall is going to stop operation for one month due to the renovation of the coffee shop. 

After a moment of silent due to disappointment, suddenly I thought of this hokkien mee stall told by a friend of mine. It’s located just slightly opposite to the bihun stall. The Top Taste Hokkien Mee stall is located in Sin Kim San Coffee Shop. 

You can never go to the wrong stall as the stall is decorated by a big prawn on top.


Hokkien Mee @ Presgrave Street (Sar Tiao Lor) ; Penang Hawker Food

I’ve always missed out a few good hokkien mee stalls at Penang as most of them will have their hokkien mee sold out by 10am. I always make myself to wake up early for the hokkien mee, but I always failed my mission. :(

Since morning session we can’t make it, so we went hunt for a good hokkien mee which opens in the evening. This hokkien mee stall is located at Presgrave Street or more renowned as 3rd Road (Sar Tiao Lor).


Ah Leng Char Koay Teow (Re-visited) ; Penang Hawker Food

Ah Leng char koay teow (ckt) is another famous stall of ckt which is located opoosite Honolulu Cafe along Jalan Dato Keramat.
The big sized prawn and mantis prawn is the top selling point of this ckt.
Ah Leng<br /> Char Koay Teow Stall

As usual the stall owner is helped out by his lovely daugther.     

Ah Leng<br /> Char Koay Teow Stall 2

We normally order a bowl of hokkien mee to ease our hungry stomach while waiting for our plate of ckt.


Kafe Kheng Pin | Penang Hawker Food

I am having lor bak as my breakfast today. This is the thing that was in my mind when I stepped in Kafe Kheng Pin. Why would I have such thinking?

The varieties types of lor bak displayed at the stall caught my attention. And I observed that almost every table in the kafe had a plate of lor bak.

Kafe Kheng Pin Lor Bak Stall

The batter used for the various type of lor bak is very crispy. It’s not very oily. I like the squid, but high cholesterol lol.

Kafe Kheng Pin Lor Bak 1

Kafe Kheng Pin Lor Bak 2

Hokkien mee taste pretty normal to me.
Kafe Kheng Pin Hokkien Mee The wantan mee taste pretty good, but the lye taste in the mee was pretty strong. The wantan is quite big compare to other wantan mee stall.
Kafe Kheng Pin Wan Tan Mee 1Kafe Kheng Pin Wan Tan Mee 2 Map for those who are not familiar:

It’s very easy to locate this kafe as it’s located just opposite the big Body Glove outlet at the corner of Penang Road and Jalan Sri Bahari.

Hokkien Mee near Xia Bui Market | Penang Hawker Food

Someone told me that this hokkien mee stall is good but I forgot who is he. I’ve wanted to try this stall a few times but everytime I went there, it was closed. So bad luck :-p

Let me describe to you the direction to this stall before I review on the food.

If you are coming from Jelutong Express, turn left when you reach first traffic light, go straight and turn right at the first traffic light. This stall is located at your right hand side.

This stall operates from 7am – 5pm.

Xia Bui Hokkien Mee Stall You can choose to add in some extra ingredients into your hokkien mee. We’ve added fish balls and meat balls into our hokkien mee.

Xia Bui Hokkien Mee 1

Xia Bui Hokkien Mee 2

First sip into the soup, taste sweet but not spicy. Then I realised that the chili is provided separately in a bottle. This is different from the usual hokkien mee where they usually put the chili in a spoon which come together with the hokkien mee.

Xia Bui Hokkien Mee 3

Even though I’ve added in the chili, it don’t taste spicy. The soup base taste sweet but not from the prawn. Seems like it’s from seasoning. Overall the hokkien mee taste very normal. The only thing that taste good is the fish ball which is very QQ.
The chili bottle.

Sambal Koay Teow | Penang Hawker Food

During weekend, it’ll always be late lunch for me … or shall I just replace it tea time? Normally I’ll take my brunch around 11am… so my stomach will be filled till evening.

It’s always hard to find food in the evening because most are closed or are yet to open … or just my problem in food finding?

From Bayan Lepas, we drove to pulau tikus, then finally to tanjung tokong directions. Then we suddenly thought of this hawker stalls along Mt. Erskine which is recommended by a friend.

It’s a long stretch of stalls opposite the very famous Mt. Erskine Western Food stall. A wide varities of hawker foods can be eaten here. But this Sambal Koay Teow attracted me most.

Sambal Koay Teow Stall 1

Sambal Koay Teow Stall 2

When the koay teow was served, I was like ‘oh, so it’s just a normal dry koay teow with sambal serve separately’. Feeling = disappointed at that moment. A bowl of fishball and meatball was served together.

First mouthful brings more disappointment as it taste so so only. Then my bf suggested maybe we should eat it together with the sambal. Since the sambal provided is quite little, we decided to add all into the koay teow.

Sambal Koay Teow 1


Fish Ball Soup

First mouthful after we mix in the sambal, a sense of excitment as the sambal taste so spicy and it really added flavour into the dry koay teow. Yummy. Second mouthful … third mouthful… no complain… disappointment gone… Haha… But it’s too spicy after we add in all sambal. Maybe we should add in bit by bit until it taste just right.

Sambal Koay Teow 2

Just one dried koay teow is not enough for us la… hehe… So we order hokkien mee. The hokkien mee doesn’t taste good to me. The soup and the chili are not able to give me any omph…

Hokkien Mee

Our mouth still feel itchy for food after the hokkien mee. So, we ordered char koay teow. The portion is very small. Taste wise, so so.

Char Koay Teow

This place offer a wide varities of drinks. Everything looks so yummy to me, but too bad my stomach is filled with 3 plates of noodles and 1 cup of coconut drink. Haha.. big eater :-p

This is ice kacang is ordered by my friend. It looks good with lots of ingredients, but I didn’t taste it.
Ice Kacang

Will definitely back here for the sambal koay teow and to try out their ice kacang.

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