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Lor Bak

Kafe Kheng Pin | Penang Hawker Food

I am having lor bak as my breakfast today. This is the thing that was in my mind when I stepped in Kafe Kheng Pin. Why would I have such thinking?

The varieties types of lor bak displayed at the stall caught my attention. And I observed that almost every table in the kafe had a plate of lor bak.

Kafe Kheng Pin Lor Bak Stall

The batter used for the various type of lor bak is very crispy. It’s not very oily. I like the squid, but high cholesterol lol.

Kafe Kheng Pin Lor Bak 1

Kafe Kheng Pin Lor Bak 2

Hokkien mee taste pretty normal to me.
Kafe Kheng Pin Hokkien Mee The wantan mee taste pretty good, but the lye taste in the mee was pretty strong. The wantan is quite big compare to other wantan mee stall.
Kafe Kheng Pin Wan Tan Mee 1Kafe Kheng Pin Wan Tan Mee 2 Map for those who are not familiar:

It’s very easy to locate this kafe as it’s located just opposite the big Body Glove outlet at the corner of Penang Road and Jalan Sri Bahari.

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