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Mee Suah

“Raw” Noodle?? aka Che Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

It’s just a small stall  in a small lane at Magazine Road, but it’s amazing to find so many types of food here. And I discovered some new food which is a stranger to me. It’s called che mee in hokkien, and I translated it to ‘raw noodle‘ not sure if it’s correct. 

It’s actually similar to those yellow noodles used in hokkien mee or curry mee. The only different is the noodle used in ‘raw noolde’ is not pre-cooked just as spelled in the name I’ve translated for it. Those yellow noodle used in hokkien mee is pre-cooked, therefore it just need to be blanch them for a while then it’s ready to be eaten. 


Duck Drumstick Mee Suah @ Sg. Pinang ; Penang Hawker Food

It was a cloudy Sunday morning and we were out to hunt for our breakfast. Our initial intention was Beef Koay Teow @ Chulia Street.But when we are on our way there, the crowds and the hawker stalls stretching along Jalan Sungai Pinang attracted us. So, we decided to stop by and had our breakfast there.

After we were seated, N told me that this place is famous for its duck drumstick mee suah. Hehe… without a second thought, I ordered a bowl of mee suah. But to my disappointment, duck drumstick had sold out. :( . So I changed to duck meat instead.


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