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Muar Chee

Chee Cheung Fun @ Genting Coffee Shop | Penang Hawker Food

Genting Coffee Shop chee cheung fun (ccf) is so famous for its peanut flavour prawn paste sauce. Although I’ve been blogging for more than 1 year, I’ve yet to post about this ccf. Finally I’ve got my feet to Genting Coffee Shop.

The ccf stall was swarming with people. We’ve overheard the owner of the stall saying that if we would want the ccf fast, it’s better to get the ccf ourselves. Means self service. :)


Penang Hill Laksa ; Penang Hawker Food

My food hunt continued to laksa after we ate the sister curry mee near Air Itam market. This stall is located by the road side on the way to Penang Hill.

Penang Hill Laksa Stall

The laksa tasted more to sweet side to me which is similar to the one at opposite Peng Hwa school. I like to add in some bird chili into my laksa to increase the level of spiciness.

Penang Hill Laksa 1

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