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Apong Guan – Best Apong in Penang; Penang Hawker Food

Apong Guan is well known for his tasty and fluffy pancakes. Patience is a must  if you want to get your hands on this pancake. During my first visit which my initial intention was to try out the famous wan tan mee and apong Guan, I failed to try out the pancake due to long waiting time (~ 45 mins). But I vowed to try the apong out as the fragrant emitted was so alluring!

I only managed to try out apong guan on my 3rd visit to this stall. I was there around 12 noon and I was lucky. I just need to wait for 20 pieces, then it’s my turn. :) Can you imagine how happy I am at that moment? During my previous visit, the waiting time was always very long… it’s either I need to wait for a few hundred pieces or > half an hour.

While waiting, I am not going to miss out any chance to practice my photography skill. Ended up, I shot the process of the pancake being made. Enjoy the photos :)


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