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Rojak King @ Macallum Street

This rojak is currently my favourite. Have it like at least once a week! :)

The trademark of this rojak stall is the uncle who prepares the rojak didn’t wear shoes! OMG!

Macallum Street Rojak

The rojak sauce is very thick with half peanuts and some dried shrimps which added fragrant to the sauce itself. Although the rojak is tasty but it’s a little pricey though. With small portion of fruits, it costs RM6 (small), RM8 (medium) and RM12 (big). But the portion of the sauce is quite a lot.

Macallum Street Rojak

Hock Seng Rojak
Macallum Street
10300 Penang

Business Hours : 1.30pm – 5pm
Tel : 016 4772472, 016-4030724

A lok lok style rojak! + a visit to Kuala Muda

What do this small stall offers? See those ‘sticks’ resting on the stall… Could be satay? lok lok? Read on to find out!


Rojak @ Sg. Dua, best! ; Penang Hawker Food

This is my favourite rojak stall! It’s cheap and good :)

The fruits used are fresh. The prawn paste is thick enough that it does not turn watery so soon. The prawn paste remain thick even after I’ve finished the rojak. The owner is so generous with grounded peanuts that it push the prawn paste fragrant to maximum. Besides grounded peanuts, there are some big chunks of peanuts too.

Besides being generous on the prawn paste and peanuts, they are very generous on the squid too. Not to mention the amount of the squid, the squid thickness is the thickest I’ve ever had. I’m not a big fan of squid, but my bf is. So normally I’ll let him eat all the squids. :P


Fried Lok Lok @ Gurney Drive | Penang Hawker Food

Gurney Drive is one of the landmark for Penang Tourism. I remember during my visits to Penang when I was small (I am not Penang Lang), my uncle will brought us eat at Gurney Drive. We enjoy so much as we saw so many types of food for us to choose from.

Now I’m working in Penang, I like to eat at Gurney drive still. But I only eat from a few specific stalls. The stall that I like is Fried Lok Lok.

You can choose your favourite ingredients and the stall owner will deep fried it on the spot for you.

Gurney Drive Fried Lok Lok Stall I chose some seafood tofu, fish ball, meat ball, taiwan sausages and squids. The squids taste good as the batter used to fried the squid is fragrant with some pepper taste.

Fried Lok Lok 1 Here are some shots of what is available for you to choose.

Fried Lok Lok 2 The sauce to dip your fried items in. There are satay sauce and normal chili sauce.

Chili SauceNormally I’d have a bowl of laksa to go with my fried items. But on my visit that day, I spotted this char koay teow (ckt) stall. It’s written The Cantonment Road Famous ckt and it attracted me. Cantonment Road Famous Char Koay Teow StallThe ckt taste good with the wok hei fragrant and it’s not too oily. I noticed that you can order the special ckt which cost RM 9. I guess the special one is the one with added big prawns. But my favourite ckt would still be Ah Leng ckt which mantis prawns will be added for a special plate of ckt.

Cantonment Road Famous Char Koay Teow 1

Cantonment Road Famous Char Koay Teow 2 My bf ordered wan tan mee. It taste normal, but the dark soy sauce is slightly too much to my liking.

Gurney Drive Wan Tan Mee 1And not forgetting rojak as our dessert. We bought it from stall #77. I found that the rojak has too little grounded peanuts. I like mine with lots of grounded peanuts to goes with the shrimp paste. Taste wise, ok.
Gurney Drive Rojak
The drink (leng chi kang) tasted too bland.
leng chi kang

Map for those who are not familiar:

View here for larger map

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