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Sambal Koay Teow

Chee Cheung Fun @ Genting Coffee Shop | Penang Hawker Food

Genting Coffee Shop chee cheung fun (ccf) is so famous for its peanut flavour prawn paste sauce. Although I’ve been blogging for more than 1 year, I’ve yet to post about this ccf. Finally I’ve got my feet to Genting Coffee Shop.

The ccf stall was swarming with people. We’ve overheard the owner of the stall saying that if we would want the ccf fast, it’s better to get the ccf ourselves. Means self service. :)


Sambal Koay Teow | Penang Hawker Food

During weekend, it’ll always be late lunch for me … or shall I just replace it tea time? Normally I’ll take my brunch around 11am… so my stomach will be filled till evening.

It’s always hard to find food in the evening because most are closed or are yet to open … or just my problem in food finding?

From Bayan Lepas, we drove to pulau tikus, then finally to tanjung tokong directions. Then we suddenly thought of this hawker stalls along Mt. Erskine which is recommended by a friend.

It’s a long stretch of stalls opposite the very famous Mt. Erskine Western Food stall. A wide varities of hawker foods can be eaten here. But this Sambal Koay Teow attracted me most.

Sambal Koay Teow Stall 1

Sambal Koay Teow Stall 2

When the koay teow was served, I was like ‘oh, so it’s just a normal dry koay teow with sambal serve separately’. Feeling = disappointed at that moment. A bowl of fishball and meatball was served together.

First mouthful brings more disappointment as it taste so so only. Then my bf suggested maybe we should eat it together with the sambal. Since the sambal provided is quite little, we decided to add all into the koay teow.

Sambal Koay Teow 1


Fish Ball Soup

First mouthful after we mix in the sambal, a sense of excitment as the sambal taste so spicy and it really added flavour into the dry koay teow. Yummy. Second mouthful … third mouthful… no complain… disappointment gone… Haha… But it’s too spicy after we add in all sambal. Maybe we should add in bit by bit until it taste just right.

Sambal Koay Teow 2

Just one dried koay teow is not enough for us la… hehe… So we order hokkien mee. The hokkien mee doesn’t taste good to me. The soup and the chili are not able to give me any omph…

Hokkien Mee

Our mouth still feel itchy for food after the hokkien mee. So, we ordered char koay teow. The portion is very small. Taste wise, so so.

Char Koay Teow

This place offer a wide varities of drinks. Everything looks so yummy to me, but too bad my stomach is filled with 3 plates of noodles and 1 cup of coconut drink. Haha.. big eater :-p

This is ice kacang is ordered by my friend. It looks good with lots of ingredients, but I didn’t taste it.
Ice Kacang

Will definitely back here for the sambal koay teow and to try out their ice kacang.

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