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Home Cooked | Simple yet nutritious …

Been quite a while since the last time I cooked something. Ya… I am so lazy…

Cooked something simple yet nutritious for dinner.
Steamed chicken with fermented salted black beans. Ingredients used are black beans, garlic, some seasoning. Marinate chicken with seasoning then steam it with high heat. Easy right. Taste pretty good. I marinated the chicken overnight.

Stir fried cabbage with anchovies and some meatballs.

Herbal chicken soup which I cooked using programmable rice cooker. So convenient.

The cooking of this dishes didn’t mess up my kitchen except the stir fried cabbage which left my kitchen oily.

Home Cooked | Claypot Chicken Rice without Claypot

Yea. It’s correct. I tried to cook claypot chicken rice without claypot. Hehe…

Tried to cook a simple dinner without leaving any big mess in the kitchen for cleaning. So, I’ve thought of steam rice. Put all the ingredients with the rice, then steam it. No oil, no frying, no mess…

But, this is my first attempt to do this. OMG! I’m so worry that it’ll turn out to taste bad.

Bought 2 drumsticks from Tesco. Cleaned it, removed the fat, and marinated it with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and pepper for a few hours.

Then I put in all the ingredients (chicken, mushrooms, kwe hua meat – the red thing which similar to lap cheong, ginger and some carrots) on top of rice. Steamed it for 25 minutes.

Tadaa…. It looks and smell nice, but not sure how it taste. :-p

I scooped out everything, divided into 2 and put on plate. This is how it looks.

Hmm… taste good man! Just that the rice is slightly uncooked. I wonder why the rice is slightly uncooked as I think the water should be enough as the rice is quite sticky.

Home Cooked | First “war” in my new kitchen

It’s been a very long time since the last time I cooked simple dishes. Reason is due to I’ve been renting a room and the kitchen utensils is incomplete. Therefore I only cook instant mee. Hehe. Unhealthy.

I decided to cook some simple food that will not leave my kitchen in a big mess. We decided to have a fried rice, a vege and some fishball.

I’ve added luncheon meat, sausage, fishball, chicken meatball and some beans into the fried rice. Overall, the add ons is much more than the rice. Haha. Taste: Average. Slightly oily.

We bought some fishball from Jusco, and just steam it to served with our fried rice.

Since the four season bean is too much if I put them all in the fried rice, I decided to stir fried it. I intend to prepare a dish similar to the one I had in 113 Fried Porridge Shop. Here’s what I’ve prepare. The outlook is quite similar with the one I had but the taste is far from it. I’ve forgotten the dried shrimp. hahaha. Overall the taste is slightly too sweet. I think it’s because of I’ve put too much dried raddish.
Will definitely have another round of try out and hopefully the taste will be better. Haha.

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