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Haven Delights (Part II) |Invited Review

Haven Delights is a newly opened restaurant located at Times Square which served Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong and Shanghai cuisines. 
In Part I, some review on the restaurant interior and desserts had been posted. I truly enjoyed the ice creams and the chef’s special finger food served in Haven Delights. Let’s move on to main dishes.

We were first served with Hotzzz Abalone which is available in the buffet menu. The abalone slices were topped with homemade spicy paste and eel sauce.


Haven Delights (Part I) | Invited Review

More and more restaurants are blooming in Penang island. Apart from the new Smoky Jack Restaurant, I’ve noticed there’s another new restaurant; Haven Delights opened in Times Square few months ago. I got attracted by the buffet dinner they offered but I’ve yet to have chance to try it out. 

Anyway, I’m lucky as I got the opportunity to try out some dishes from this restaurant thanks to Criz who invited me to this session. Of course, I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Ng Boon Tong the chairman and MD of the restaurant for organising this food session for us. 

For this post, I would like to talk about the restaurant and the desserts. As for the main dishes, I’ll write it in a part II post to avoid slow loading of the post.


Macau | Last stop @ Macau ???

Our last stop at Macau before we fly back to KL.

We ordered Pork Chop Bun (Chu Pa Pau) and Wantan soup as appetizer. Afterall, Macau is famous for it’s pork chop bun rite? I don’t really like the pork chop bun. The bread is too hard and tasted too plain. Basically it’s a french loaf with a piece of pork chop in the middle of it. The pork chop only tasted salty to me. There’s bone in the pork chop. So weird leh… Shouldn’t it be boneless?

Wantan soup. This is good. Big piece of fresh shrimps can be found inside the wantan. Forget the name. But it’s something like shrimp paste mee. See the powder like thing on top of the mee. It’s actually powdered shrimp I guess as a very heavy taste of shrimp when you taste it. I don’t like this. :-p
Mace Ball noodles. The mace ball is springly but taste slightly fishy for me. I’m quite sensitive to fishy smell.
Dumplings noodle. Taste not bad.
Spicy and sour mee. This one taste good. Spicy and sour soup with some minced meat in it.
This shop is pretty famous in Macau.

Hong Kong Food | HK Food Court

We were into 2nd day of our HK trip, and today’s itinerary is Disneyland. The moment we stepped out of our hotel, it’s drizzling. OMG! Rainy weather will spoil our trip. Soon, it’s raining heavily.

Without much choices, we venture into an indoor food court name Tai Kah Lok.

The breakfast set is very much like what we saw in TVB drama. Set A, Set B…

My friend order this set which consist of century egg porridge, lo mai kai (glutinous rice) and of course a cup of milk tea. The porridge is so smooth.

The Loh Mai Kai is so big. We were shocked! And it’s different from what we have in Msia. The ingredients are wrapped in the glutinous rice. Lots of ingredients can be found inside. Taste good.

Another set of breakfast is Soy Sauce Fried Mee (Si Yau Wong Chau Mian). It’s too oily for me. Not much ingredients except some vegetables. Taste wise – so so.
I’ve ordered this set. French toast with ham and egg. I was disappointed with the toast. Just a normal plain toast. But the scramble egg is tasty. The egg was topped with half cooked egg. Special and yummy.

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