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Harry B1 Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Juru, Auto City | Penang Restaurant

It’s been a long holiday and I just back to Penang 2 days ago. I spent this holiday at my hometown where no internet access is available in my house. That’s the reason why I left my blog untouched. But I guess not many people read blogs during CNY. Mm… that’s a good reason for me to be lazy. No la… not lazy la… relax myself ma…

Let me bring you to Auto City for dinner this time. We went to Harry B1, a Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant. This restaurant is located next to Sakae Tepanyaki where I got my birthday treat from my aunt.

Harry B1 RestaurantThe entrance of the restaurant is decorated with big pieces of glass which allows you to enjoy the view outside while you are BBQueing your food.


Sakae Teppanyaki / Sakae Izakaya | Auto City Restaurant

Sakae Teppanyaki / Sakae Izakaya is located at Juru Auto City. Sakae Teppanyaki / Sakae Izakaya and Sakae Sushi are under the same company.

This is where my aunt gave me a birthday meal treat. (This is a backdated post). Arigatou gozaimasu my dear aunt!

Apart from teppanyaki dishes, tapas, desserts and drinks (sake and cocktails) are available in this restaurant.

Sakae Teppanyaki Restaurant

Unagi Brown Rice is fried rice with chopped unagi and some mixed vegetables. It’s very fragrant and not oily at all. A great ‘wok hei’ can be tasted from the fried rice.

Unagi Brown Rice Grilled striploin beef rolled with asparagus is one of the tapas we ordered. This dish do represent tapas which means small dishes. The beef is too dry and bland while the asparagus is over cooked.

Grilled Striploin Beef Rolled with Asparagus Teppanyaki salmon which is a pretty normal dish. The salmon is fried to perfection with crispy skin and tender meat. A hint of black pepper taste added spice to the fish.
Salmon Tepanyaki 1 Scallop in teppanyaki style. The scallop is very fresh and sweet.
Scallop in Teppanyaki Foie Gras with Tofu. This dish is subject to availability. The foie gras just melt right in my mouth. The tofu is very soft and smooth. *Thumbs up*
Foie Gras with Tofu 1 Enoki Mushroom – The enoki mushroom is stir fried with minimum ingredients. Only garlic and some seasoning are used but it produces very fragrant mushroom. The mushroom itself taste very sweet but when I ate a more mouthfuls, it started to taste slightly salty.
Enoki Mushroom Assorted Vegetable to balance up the diet. Vegetables are very fresh. It’s stir fried to the very right timing as it’s very crunchy.
Assorted Vegetable Chicken Yaki Soba. The look is not that tempting ya, but it sure taste good. The soba is QQ and each pieces of soba is like coated with egg which make the soba more fragrant.
Chicken Yaki Soba Geisha Spring Roll is spring roll stuffed with fresh oysters, vegetables and minced chicken. This dish taste so so to me as the meaty filling is too soft. I think it’s due to osyter?
Geisha Spring Roll 1 Grilled egplant topped with fish flakes – The eggplant is baked which retained the most original flavour of the eggplant. The fish flakes taste good. I always like fish flakes.

Grilled Eggplant topped with Fish Flakes 1 Random shots to share:
Sakae Teppanyaki Restaurant Interior 1
Our handsome chef :-)

Grilled Eggplant topped with Fish Flakes 2
Foie Gras with Tofu 2
Salmon Tepanyaki
Sakae Teppanyaki Restaurant Interior 2

Geisha Spring Roll 2

Golden Triangle @ Auto City | Penang Restaurant

This is the second time I’ve visited Golden Triangle and also the 2nd time I write this review. The first review was gone when my IE encounter a problem. I do not know why all the content disappeared. *angry*

The interior of this restaurant is quite big with a very nice and peaceful environment. Soft music playing added some spices into your dining. The lighting in this restaurant is quite dim, so it created a romantic environment :-)

We’ve ordered Asparagus Sambal, Choo Chee Fish, Pakapau NZ Mussel, Seafood Otak-Otak In Fresh Coconut, Tang Hoon Crab and Stir Fried Small Cabbage. The last dish was recommended by the waitress. She told us that this ‘small cabbage’ is a new vege.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, we were wondering on how special the small cabbage to be. Then suddenly my cousin sis said, ‘I think the small cabbage is ‘choi dam’ lar… ‘. We were like ‘Yahor!’ .. means no surprise on the new vege.

Ok. Enough of my grandma story.

First served were the asparagus and the small cabbage. The asparagus looks so red o… must be very spicy lol… Hmm… taste good leh… quite spicy and the asparagus is stir fried with a very good timing, leaving it not too soft.

As expected, the small cabbage is choi dam. It’s just a very simple dishes. But the flavour is very strong. We all feel that only these 2 veges can help us finish our white rice. Ya.. these 2 veges goes very well with the white rice. Very strong flavour.
Apologize for the blurry vision of the small cabbage. My camera just can’t focus. Time for a new camera?? The Pakapau NZ Mussels – these mussels were cooked with basil leaves and garlic. Simple ingredients but enough to bring out the aroma. Tasty one. The basil leaves aroma is not very strong, acceptable for me who don’t like basil leaves smell.
Seafood otak-otak in fresh coconuts – squids, prawns and big chunks of coconuts were found in this. Nice dish with sweet taste due to the coconut I guess. Although I don’t fancy otak-otak, but this dish is yummy.
Choo Chee Fish. This fish is deep fried and topped with Thai chili paste. The chili paste is very special. Thick gravy with creamy feeling. Seems to me coconut juice were used. Quite spicy too. The fish is crispy outside and soft inside. Taste good.

As for Tang Hoon crab, I’ve reviewed it before.

At last, dessert time. We ordered Thap Thim Krap. Thai dessert made of jackfruit and water chestnut coated with sago in coconut juice. The coconut juice is too thick for my liking. Although the bowl used is very small, but there are lots of ingredients in it.

A great dinner cost RM 225.

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