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Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau Laksa (Laksa Marathon Part III); Penang Hawker Food

Laksa soup, fish and laksa noodle… all these were swimming and fighting in my stomach afte the laksa’s’ in our laksa marathon trip part I & part II. We still have one target place in mind for laksa but our stomach are not able to take it at that time. To give our ‘little’ stomach sometime for digestion before another bowl of laksa, we drove up to Bukit Genting to see if there’s any nice scene for photography.

Only able to take a few shots as the weather was too hot, I am not able to withstand it. Before I continue with my third bowl of laksa, let me share some shots I took at Bukit Genting first.

Butterfly shot.

Green green view from top…


Balik Pulau Laksa @ Nan Guang (Laksa Marathon Part II); Penang Hawker Food

Our laksa marathon continues after our first stop at Farlim Shell Laksa. Where we went next? Up up the hill we went… we are going to Balik Pulau for laksa. When we arrived, I was excited as I saw there are 3 types of laksa available. There are Assam Laksa, Siam Laksa and Mix Laksa

Too bad that there are only 2 of us. Hence can’t try out all 3 types after the laksa, bak kua bread and popiah we had at our first stop.  So we ordered the Assam Laksa and Mix Laksa. 

Mix Laksa would be assam laksa + siam laksa. Siam laksa soup base is made from coconut milk, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. Siam laksa tasted more to milky type. Therefore, mix laksa is the best way to balance up the milky taste of the siam laksa as assam laksa is the sourish type.


25 cents satay @ Balik Pulau | Penang Food

Where can you find a 25cents satay nowadays? Let me bring you to one good place for satay :-)

It’s at Balik Pulau. This stall was previously located at the back of balik pulau pasar beside an old cinema. But they have shifted to this new bulding near the balik pulau bus station.

The stall name is Hussain Sate. They serve chicken and beef satay. The stall open from 4pm to 9pm, closed on Sunday.

Hussain Satay Stall

The way you enjoy your satay here is you do not need to order how many sticks you want, instead just order the type you want. Then the owner will serve you with a handful of satay and will keep on adding for you until you say stop.

At their old location, they used to add the satay for you once they saw the satay on your table is running low. But now at the new location, they grill the satay at the back of their shop, so sometime you have to ask the owner to top up the satay for you because they lose their visibility to what’s left on your table.

Chicken satay. The size of the satay is definitely smaller compare to the one you usually get outside. The satay here taste more to sweet side. I prefer my satay this way because I normally don’t dip into the sauce when I eat satay. hehe.. Weirdo am I?

Chicken Satay

Beef satay. I like the beef satay here. Don’t worry, there won’t be any ‘beef smell’ in the satay. It taste quite sweet too, and the meat is tender.

Beef Satay

The speacialty to eat satay here is they serve bottomless onion, cucumber and satay sauce. You can opt to ask for them to refill for you or you can refill it yourself. Convenient right?

Cucumber and Onions

The satay sauce taste normal to me. I only eat cucumber with the sauce.

Satay Sauce See the size. So small.

Chicken and Beef Satay

This is our result – almost 300 sticks for 9 of us. Averagely for a guy, they can eat 40 – 50 sticks. I have friend who can eat up to 80 sticks. His stomach must be real big. hahaha…
If the map is too small, you can search for balik pulau bus station in google map. The stall is just located in the building next to the bus station.

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