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Batu Maung

Penang Seafood | Sin Hai Beng Seafood @ Batu Maung

What to eat tonight?” … This is the question that we normally post to each other during dinner time. Normally for dinner, we would have hawker food cos it’s just 2 of us. Eating out everyday for lunch and dinner could be very boring.

I went to this restaurant for lunch few days ago and their Pai Kut Ong Rice gave me a good impression. Although the price is slightly higher (RM5) but the portion is really big.

Since my bf likes to eat pai kut ong, off we go to Sin Hai Ben Seafood Restaurant which is located at Batu Maung.

Sin Hai Beng Seafood Restaurant

113 Fried Porridge Shop – Revisited

I’ve revisited 113 Fried Porridge Shop last week. Went there with my bf’s parents. So I didn’t get to take any pics. What a waste. *sigh*

Since there are 4 of us, we decided to order a few dishes and hv some rice. Erm… let me recall my memory. We ordered the Black Four Season Bean, Shark Meat Curry, Tofu and The Pork stirred fried with ginger and spring onion.

We wanna recommend the Black Four Season Bean to his parents. But to my disappointment the chef’s performance is not consistent. The sauce is slightly liquid compare to the first time we dine there. And the dried shrimp and the ‘choi bo’ (pronounce in Cantonese) is less. It makes the dish less tasty.

Shark meat curry – the meat testure is good but the curry is slightly thick. And a bit too spicy to my liking. It covers up other aroma.

The Tofu – I forgot exactly what is the name of this dish. The tofu is fried then is served with some soya sauce. For me the tofu is ok. The tofu is soft. But they doesn’t really like is cos they feel that the outer layer is quite hard.
Actually I wanted to order the Yunnan Tofu recommended by Criz Lai but my bf’s mother wanted a dish with some gravy. So, I can’t get to taste it. But definetely I will visit this shop again to try other dishes.

And finally pork stirred fried with ginger and spring onion. It’s not the normal type of pork. I forgot what’s the name of this pork. This kind of pig normally can be found in the jungle. Anyone can tell me what’s called? This dish is tasty. The texture of the pork is not too hard. Recommended.

Total cost = RM 29.xx (exclusive of drinks). It’s consider cheap.

* Although the serving portion is small, but it’s enough for 4. :-)

Moonlight Hor Fun

Read thru Criz Bon Appetite regarding the Moonlight Hor Fun. ( I am so exicted about it cos I have always wanted to eat Moonlight Hor Fun but it’s so hard to be found at Penang (or maybe I do not know the right place). I hv eaten very delicious Moonlight Hor Fun at KL. From that day onwards, I’ve luv this dish so much.

We visited this shop; Seong Iping Cafe @ 113 Fried Porridge Shop the night after I’ve read Criz’s blog. Feel so exicted when I go thru the menu as they are so many dishes that look so tempting to me. We ordered 3 dishes, 2 of them were recommended by Criz which is Moonlight Hor Fun, Black Four Season Bean. The 3rd dish is Sambal Mee.

After waiting for a while, Sambal Mee was first served. The outlook look like normal Indian mee goreng. We were slightly disappointed. But first mouthful, it’s WOW! There’s curry taste in the mee and it taste spicy. But after a few mouthful, it tasted a bit sweet. Overall, it’s delicious! Price is reasonable, RM3.50.

Next served is the Black Four Season Bean. When we eat the bean alone, it tasted slighty plain. To fully savor this dish, we must eat the bean with the dried shrimp and ‘chai bo’. Yes, the bean is stir fried with dried shrimp and ‘chai bo’. ‘Chai bo’ … mm… I forgot the English name for is. I think it’s dried raddish. Yummy yummy… :-)

Finally, the main dish of the night was served – Moonlight Hor Fun. When the waitress served the Hor Fun, I was shocked as I didn’t see the “moon” on top of the Hor Fun. Then I confirmed with the waitress, that we ordered Moonlight Hor Fun. She apologised and bring the Hor Fun back to the kitchen. A moment later, she’s out with the Moonlight Hor Fun. Must be they just crack an egg on top of it.

mmm… overall the taste of this dish is good. But it’s slightly different from the one that I had at KL long time ago. :-p I am going to visit this shop again for other dishes!

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