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Ho Chiak Lok Lok ; Penang Hawker Food

Recently I’m so tied up with my work as there are so many issues popped up. It’s like a chain effect.. more and more items are affected. I’m so stress up that I don’t have the time and mood to blog. The issues and the people that I deal with is making my life so miserable. Pressure just build up… and I keep on stuffing myself with chocolate to relief myself. Aiyo… must stop eating those chocolates d, else will become tua pui poh (fatty lady) lor…

As usual, we are heading to one of our usual place for dinner as it’s near my house and there’s a wide variety of hawker food available. But the one thing that I dislike about this place is the poor air ventilation. Most of the smoke from cooking get trapped resulting a hot area. And the smoke will also stick to our clothes and hair, make us smelly.

After I had koay teow teng for dinner … wait.. koay teow teng again? My last 2 posts were about koay teow teng too, it’s ktt craze week! After the koay teow teng, I spotted this lok lok stall at the end of the stalls. Although I’m already feeling full, but I just feel like want to stuff myself with food to release those pressure!

The moment we were seated, I got attracted by the types of sauces available.


Bravo Italiana Part II (Heavenly Desserts) | Penang Restaurant

As promised, the second part of the review would be on desserts! After a great meal on appetizers and main course, some desserts were served. Desserts play an important role in a meal as it give the last impression on the meal you just had.

Let’s start with a very special drink, Caffe Romano (RM14). It’s an orange coffee with added vodka and a scoop of ice cream on top. Just like the A&W Rootbeer float. Hard to imagine how that’d taste like rite? Coffee + orange + vodka + ice cream?

At first, I dare not try out this drink as I heard the word ‘vodka’. I don’t like alcoholic drinks for 2 reasons. One would be the bitter taste of it and throat stinging feel when the liquor flow down my throat. Another would be, I would have rashes over my body when I have alcoholic drinks. :(

But I just can’t resist the nicely presented drink seated right in front of my eyes. Before I had my first sip, I got a warning from Tam Ciak that I should mix the drink well first. Else I’d have a shock of sipping just the vodka layer like he experienced few minutes ago.


Bravo Italiana @ I-Avenue (Part I) | Penang Restaurant

“Tiramisu”, this is the one thing that willl pop up in my mind everytime Bravo Italiana is mentioned. :D I like the tiramisu served there from my first visit during my birthday celebration.

Now, I get the chance to savour more and new dishes thanks to PenangTuaPui for organizing the food tasting session. Of course not forgetting the restaurant owner, Mr. Lim for preparing the meal for us.

This restaurant is considered quite a new restaurant in Bayan Lepas area. Bravo Italiana aged less than 2 years old. It’s located at I-Avenue.

The interior of the restaurant is very cosy with dim yellow lighting and soft music playing at the background.

Mixed Bean Soup (RM6) was one of the first few dishes served. Few types of beans and pasta were cooked together with this soup. The portion was quite big. If I were to finish a bowl all by myself, I don’t think my stomach will have room for other dishes. As apart from the big portion, beans and pasta are quite filling too.


Tsuruya @ I Avenue | Penang Restaurant

I always pass by this restaurant and whenever I do, the devil and angel side of me will appear and argue whether should I dine in there. My devil side will say, ‘go in… go in… jap food waiting for you…yum yum..’ & my angel side will protect my wallet , ‘Don’t ever go in, it’s going to be very damaging judging by the outlook of the restaurant’.

Finally one day, my devil side won and without realizing I’m already sitting on the tatami.

Tsuruya Restaurant We ordered one Seafood Bento Set to share among us as normally bento set is huge. The bento set come with a bowl of salad, chawanmushi (steam egg) and fruits.

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