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Bayan Lepas

Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Let’s go for malay food today! There are a few malay ikan bakar (grilled fish) restaurants located opposite the Police Marine Batu Uban. It’s just located at your right hand side not long after you exit from Penang Bridge. We were just lucky to pick this restaurant (Nurul Ikan Bakar Special). It’s located at almost at the end of row. We picked it because it has the most customer at the moment comparing to others.

Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Light Snacks for Afternoon Tea ; Penang Hawker Food

Weekend always means late breakfast for me. So normally later in the evening we will have some light food before the dinner. Let’s go for some fried economic bihun, fried popiah and tong sui. How does that sound?

It’s a small stall located at Choi Wui Lei Tea Carden Coffee Shop which is located same row with Yaki Teppan Restaurant . It sells some light snack which includes popiah, chai koay, fried raddish cake, tong sui and etc.


Koay Teow Teng & Wan Tan Mee @ Sri Nibong Cafe ; Penang Hawker Food

This is a common place for Bayan Lepas workers. Sri Nibong Cafe is a corner lot coffee shop which is located at Sri Nibong opposite Ayer Cafe. When I first started to work at Phase 1 FIZ, my colleagues introduced this place to me. They told me the instant cook koay teow teng and the wan tan mee here taste good. This coffee shop is always full of people especially during breakfast and lunch hour. The environment is pretty warm and heaty which is the one thing that I don’t like about this place. 

Minced meat, fish ball, slices of fish cake and a runny egg are the ingredients used to cook the koay teow teng. I personally feel that the quality has deteriorated over the years I’ve patronized this stall. Sometimes the koay teow used are in small pieces instead of flat long strand. Basically we have to use spoon to scoop the koay teow. Nothing much to shout about the soup base. My favourite would still be the one at Seng Thor Coffee Shop which of the soup base is definitely worth mentioning. 

The runny egg is the only thing I like in this bowl of koay teow teng. Sound so pathetic huh. Well, this is just my personal taste ya. 


Beef Koay Teow Soup @ Sungai Nibong; Penang Hawker Food

Whenever someone mention about Beef koay teow soup, straight away the Chulia Street beef koay teow will appear in my mind. If not for my colleague who told me about this, I wouldn’t have notice this stall.

This beef koay teow stall is located at Sg. Nibong area.

This beef koay teow stall is actually the same stall that operates at Sri Weld Food Court in the morning and lunch session at Weld Quay area. At night, the owner operates the stall at Sg. Nibong area.


Toasted Bread @ Joo Leong Cafe | Penang Food

Joo Leong Cafe is a famous place where many people working in FIZ area will take their breakfast here.

This coffee shop is located on the way to Penang Airport, but it’s barely noticeable if you were driving along the way. But you can always spot the long stretched cars parking by the road side, all those are their customers.

Joo Leong Cafe This coffee shop is famous for it’s toasted bread (roti bakar) and half boiled egg. While waiting for our bread and egg to be served, we grabbed a packed of economic noodle to fill our hungry stomach.


JJ Cafe (Jerejak Jetty Cafe) ; Penang Food

JJ Cafe is located at the jetty where you can take your boat to Jerejak Island. I thought that this place serves western food, but to my astonishment it serves malay food. Malay food is not a problem for me as I like spicy food.

We ordered nasi lemak, curry mee and one finger food.

The food was served quite fast as we are the only people dining there. The presentation of the nasi lemak is normal, the rice is not in a bowl shape which I expected it should be presentated that way. JJ Cafe Nasi Lemak To my disappointment, the rice was rather cold and lacked of coconut juice fragrant. The chili tasted more to sweet side. The chicken was something like soy sauce braised chicken which tasted very normal.

Bravo Italiana | Penang Restaurant

Apart from the birthday meal treat from my aunt at Sakae Teppanyaki, my bf treat me Italian food at Bravo Italiana which is located at I Avenue. It’s just located next to the 100 Yen shop which sells Japanese stuffs such as snacks, household appliances and some fancy stuffs.

Bravo Italiana Restaurant Both of us ordered set dinner. We were served with soup of the day (pumpkin soup).


Tom Yam Noodle @ Lip Sin | Penang Hawker Food

Lip Sin is very famous with the Super Tanker Foodcourt. But I do not like to eat at Super Tanker Foodcourt, cos I just don’t like the food there. Sometimes I was forced to lunch there as my colleagues wanted to go.

My bf created a nick for Super Tanker just for me. Super Tanker = Super Boring. No offence as it’s just me who don’t like the food there.

There one stall just by the roadside a little further away from Super Tanker (to Sunshine Lip Sin direction) selling thumbs up tomyam noodle.
Lip Sin Tom Yam Noodle Stall

See my bowl of red hot tomyam… The tomyam tasted spicy and sour. Good to have it on rainy days as it’ll warm you up. I like the minced meat which served in the tomyam. It’s marinated with the right flavour.

Lip Sin Tom Yam Noodle 1Lip Sin Tom Yam Noodle 2Koay teow teng is an alternate choice if you don’t take spicy food. The soup is sweet but it is a bit oily. It’s served with some fishball. This bowl has extra fishball added.

To my preference, Armenian Street Koay Teow Teng is more to my tastebud as the soup base is clear and sweet.

Lip Sin Koay Teow Teng 1Lip Sin Koay Teow Teng 2 Map for those who are not familiar:

Click here for larger map

Dry Bak Kut Teh | Penang Food

Dry Bak Kut Teh, the banner attracted me to this food court which is located opposite Tesco Extra at Sungai Dua. Dry bak kut teh (bkt) is common at KL but not in Penang.

Seong Huat foodcourt offers a wide variety of hawker food such as wantan mee, char koay teow, claypot mee, curry mee, taiwan crispy chicken and etc.

Dry Bah Kut Teh Stall 1Dry Bah Kut Teh Stall 2 Dry bkt in a claypot. There are some ladies finger in it which is rather special because the one I ate at KL doesn’t come with it. There are also some dried squid and enoki mushroom in it.

It tasted very fragrant as the stall onwer stir fried all the ingredients before put into a claypot. The whole pot of bkt is wonderfully pungent with the combination of bird chili, dried cuttlefish, thick soy sauce and dried chili.

Dry Bah Kut Teh 1 Dry Bah Kut Teh 2 Yam rice to eat with the bkt, which just tasted pretty normal. But who cares, the dry bkt goes well even with plain rice.

Yam Rice My plate of char koay teow (ckt) as I am not a fan of rice. Suprisingly, the ckt taste good. It’s not too dry and quite spicy just to my liking.

Char Koay Teow 1

I like the slightly wet version with adequate wok hei. Compare to the one I had at coffee shop opposite Peng Hwa school, that one is more to dry version yet with adequate wok hei. Both also taste good.

Char Koay Teow 2 Map for those who are not familiar:

View larger map here

Disappointment @ Teo Chew Meng | Penang Restaurant

It’s has been quite sometimes since my last visit to Teo Chew Meng. As we all know, the signature dish would be the mee suah kor and seafood porridge. So, it’s time for revisit and I visited their outlet at Sunway Tunas.

As I’ve tried both of the signature dish, I would like to try something new. Flogger ma… must try something new then only can introduce new food to other people ma. Hehehe…
I ordered fish fillet tomyam and a curry chicken rice set. I think this curry chicken rice set is something new in the menu.
The outlook is quite impressive. But the taste is very disappointing. The soup is not hot and not spicy enough. Only sour taste is present. The fish fillet is very hard.

Curry chicken rice set looks very normal. The curry chicken also not hot. I wonder why? Taste is very normal. Nothing much to brag about.

There’s one piece of chicken and 2 pcs of potato in the curry.This set come with a drink and a dessert (an option of ice cream and gui ling gao). Gui ling gao taste good.
We ordered this crab cake. Forgot the name. This one taste good. A combination of fish, prawn and crab meat in this dish.
Small crab shells are used to prepare this dish. So cute.
Overall I am very disappointed with the dinner. Maybe is because we ‘ke gao gao’ and order those funny funny dish?
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