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Bayan Point

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant (Part II) | Penang Restaurant

As promised after my introduction post on the Daorae Restaurant, here comes the second part where I’ll review on the BBQ food.

The BBQ food range from beef, pork, chicken and lamb too. Beef and pork will have more choices if compare to chicken and lamb.

Browsing thru the menu again and again… doesn’t know what to order. Finally we chose the Pork Special (RM35). Please bear in mind that you must order a minimum of 2 types of BBQ food. Thick slices of pork with visible fats were served.


DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant (Part I) | Penang Restaurant

DAORAE is the name of the newly opened Korean BBQ Restaurant which is located at Bayan Point. I always mis-pronounced it as “DO RA E”… similar to Doraemon, easy to remember … :p

A little piece of advice for my readers… better make a reservation before you go. I was there on a Friday night, never thought of making a reservation as we don’t expect such a crowd in the restaurant. When we stepped at the front door (not even enter yet), we saw a medium long queue. It’s around 8pm and our stomach were already crying for food, we decided not to change venue. While we were waiting patiently, the queue started to get longer. On and off we saw customers left, but seems like the queue is not moving at all. Apparently there are more customer queuing than the visible crowd in front of us. 


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