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Photography ; Light Trail Shooting at E-gate

I’m not going to write about any food today, instead I’m going to share some photos of Light Trail which I took last Saturday at E-gate. This is my first light trail shooting and I learned a lot from my friends and sifus who are so kind to teach :)  

This is my first time to join them in the photo shooting outing. I was nervous at first, due to I’m new in the group.  The meeting point is at the Caltex petrol station near E-gate. When most of the people had gathered, we walked to the pedestrian bridge nearby. It was just 6.30 pm and the sun was still shinning brightly. 

Erm… I think due to the sun still shinning brightly, it’s not suitable for shooting yet.  So we crossed the bridge and had our own good time. 

When it’s 7pm++, we started to set our tripod and find ourselves a good spot with good view. Too bad we only have one tripod to share among 2 of us. So I used the pedestrian bridge handle to support my camera since I am not using any tripod. 

Tried out a few setting of shutter speed and aperture to get the effect that I wanted. 

This is the shot when the sky is still bright. Not much cars were on the road that day. Long exposure is needed in order to get the ‘light trail’ effect.

The sky become more bluish and the picture become more colourful. Due to no tripod, I have limitations in the angle. :(


Ms. Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine @ E-Gate | Penang Restaurant

I was invited by Criz to attend this food review session organized by Ms. Saigon at E-gate. It’s the first time I join a food review session together with other food bloggers, so it’s kinda interesting. I’ve never visited this restaurant before.

Back to the food review. Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine is located next to Old Town Kopitiam at E-gate. Upon arrival, we were served with pandan taste water.

Ms. Saigon RestaurantThe Street Food Corner menu is categorized in a few categories and it’s distinguish by colours in the menu. There are summer rolls, exotic side, salad, rice noodles and vietnamese sandwiches.

Ms. Saigon Menu I will pick and review a few of the food served but not all of them due to I did not get to taste some of them.

First they served us with all types of summer rolls available in their menu which are Traditional Northern and Southern Rolls, Farmer’s Egg Rolls, Fresh Vegetable Rolls, Southern fish Rolls, Classic Hor Fun Rolls (Chicken / Beef).

Farmer’s Egg Rolls
- vegetables wrapped in thinly fried egg. It was served with some sauce which tasted sweet and sour to me. Nothing special bout this dish though.

Farmer's Egg Rolls Traditional Northern Rolls – A very thin layer of rice paper were used to wrapped vege and sliced prawn. Taste wise – taste just like salad without any mayo.
Traditional Northern Rolls Crisp Fried Hanoi Rolls – This one taste good where the mushroom added fragrant into this dish. Some minced meat, mushroom, egg and vegetables are wrapped in rice paper then deep fried. Although it’s fried, but it’s not too oily. Pardon me for the blurred picture.
Crisp Fried Hanoi Rolls
Wok-fried Flower Chicken – This is a special dish where Pergularia flowers are used to stir fried with chicken breast. The Pergularia flower taste mild and sweet. But overall this dish tasted more at the salty side to my tastebud.
For beef lovers, there’s a Beef version for this dish.
Wok Fried Flower Chicken
Ms. Saigon served a wide variety of salad from mango salad, papaya salad, Ms. Saigon Salad, glass noodle salad to jellyfish salad. Most of their salad taste more to sourly side which is appetizing.

Sour Green Mango Salad
– Except mangoes, grounded peanuts, sesame, onion and prawns are used to garnished the salad. The prawn used is very fresh and not over cooked.
Sour Green Mango Salad
Jellyfish Salad – The jellyfish is very crunchy. Taste is similar to other type of salad.
Jellyfish Salad
Traditional Southern Chicken BUN – Laksa noodle served with chicken, mint leaves, bean sprout, lettuce and cucumber strips in clear broth which taste a bit like our laksa taste. It tasted sour but not spicy.
A beef version is available too.>Traditional Southern Chicken Bun
Frog Curry with Garlic Spiced Baguette – The curry is too thick to my liking. According to my bf, the garlic spiced baguette is very garlicky. Suitable for those who love garlic. I am a big NO NO to garlic. But the baguette tasted slightly burnt.
Frog Curry with Garlic Spiced Baguette Vietnamese Street Baguette (Chicken / Beef) – According to the owner, the speciality for this sandwich is the spread. There are some tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, ham and sausage in this sandwich. The spread tasted slightly weird to me. I prefer mine with thousand island spread still.
Vietnamese Street Baguette (Chicken / Beef)
Grilled chicken T-shaped wings – I like this chicken wings. The shape looks more like a mini drumstick to me. It’s nicely grilled with a hint of lemongrass fragrant in it. The meat is tender and juicy.
Grilled chicken T-shaped wings Traditional Vietnamese Chicken PHO – taste like a Malay version of koay teow teng to me. This dish was served with some yau char koay (which taste pretty hard), some lettuce and bean sprout. The presentation of the vegetables is very unique. You were supposed to add in some of the lettuce and bean sprout into the noddles before you eat it.
This is also available in beef version.
Traditional Vietnamese Chicken PHO
The prawns and lettuce used are fresh. As the ingredients use for most dishes are normal, I feel that food prices are slightly over priced.
Overall I feel that the food served were not agreeable with my tastebud. Maybe Vietnamese cuisine is not my cup of tea?
Anyway, thanks to Ms. Saigon for organizing this food review as I get to taste so many Vietnamese food at the same time.

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