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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Food | HK Style Breakfast

Hong Kong style breakfast like we always watch it in TVB drama – porridge, yau char kuai, soya bean and etc.

We ventured our way at Mongkok and came across this small char chan teng (????) selling varieties of porridge and varieties of fried ‘dim sum’.

We ordered theng jai chuk (???). The porridge is very smooth but the taste is so so. In the porridge, some octopus can be found. This is different from what I ate at KL. The one I tasted before consist of some roasted peanuts and fried anchovies in it. This makes the porridge more fragrant. This one tasted quite plain.

Char leung – something very special to me. The yau char kuai is wrapped with plain chee cheung fun. Some soy sauce as seasoning. You can eat this with peanut butter sauce or sweet sauce too.

Steam raddish cake. This one tasted too plain for me.
Yau char kuai. Yummy. The yau char kuai there is quite long. Very crispy with fluffy dough inside. I am a fan of yau char kuai anyway…

I forgot what’s the name of this ler. This one is quite similar with yau char kuai except the filling inside is more compact. I like this too.

What a perfect breakfast with a cup of warm soya bean.

There’s a similar shop located at Singapore. This shop is open by a friend of the HK shop owner. According to the SG shop owner, then HK shop owner share his receipe with him.

The SG shop name is ????, located at Marseling, Woodlands.

Hong Kong Food | Lunch at Big Buddha

It was a fruitful trip to Big Buddha. Yea! We met a HK artist there – Wong Hei. The one starring in Flaming Heart.

We took lunch at Ngong Ping Garden Restaurant. It’s a set meal for 4 pax which we bought the voucher at the cable car ticket counter. There’s a 20% discount entitled for the meal when we bought it together with the cable car ticket.

Char Siew and roasted duck. Both tasted good. The roasted duck skin is very crispy.

Chicken. Eh… but I forgot the name of it. Taste wise… pretty normal.

Kai Lan. Very normal.
Steam Egg with minced pork. A very normal dish. But I like it, maybe because I like to eat egg. Soup. It’s ABC soup. Taste wise – pretty salty.
What a nice pumpkin soup bowl.
Overall a pretty normal lunch which cost HKD 320. Quite expensive huh? Afterall it’s a tourist spot.

Hong Kong Food | Roasted Goose @ Mongkok

Is HK famous for its roasted goose? Hmm… this is what we always heard right?

As we strolled along Goldfish market, we spotted a few restaurants selling roasted goose. But this shop attracted us most.

The main dish – roasted goose (1/2 goose). This goose is hot from the oven. It tasted like duck to me. Anyway, it taste good with crispy skin. HKD 110 for 1/2 goose.

Char Siew again. Wow! I really luv HK char siew. It’s so thick and the meat is so tender.

See, it’s so juicy. Yum yum…
Vege with oyster sauce. The oyster sauce is serve separately from the vege. As in Msia, the oyster sauce is mix with the vege. Taste too salty if we dip the sauce with the vege, but taste too tasteless if we didn’t dip with any sauce. OMG. What am I talking about… hehe…

This is our lunch at Goldfish Market.

Hong Kong Food | Dim Sum @ Hong Kong

Dim Sum is in my MUST try list for my HK trip. We went to the restaurant which PenangTuaPui dine in.

The dim sum is served in a restaurant named ?????. We were shocked when we stepped inside. Looks quite grand with expensive shark fins and abalone displayed at the entrance. Since we do not know an alternate place for dim sum, we decided to eat there.
The ambience of the restaurant:

The dim sum that I can’t forget is their siu mai. Although I am not a fan of siu mai, but I love the taste. It’s totally different from what I ate at KL, PG and Ipoh. Chunks of mushroom can be found inside it.

Next is egg tart. Yummy. The egg filling is so soft and not too sweet. And the pastry is very light.

This one is very nice too. But we do not know what is it. Haha! It’s looks like a cream puff but without the cream inside. It’s topped with some fine sugar while the dough is very light and soft.

Char Siew Pau. Taste good too.

Siu Long Bau. This one taste so so. Dragon-i make much better siu long bau. Hehe. After all this dish is from Shanghai right, why did I eat it at HK?? Hehe…

Char Siew Sou (Char Siew pastry).

HK Chee Cheung Fun. I purposely ordered this as I saw the uncle sitting at the next table ate it. What I saw is the Chee Cheung Fun is stuff with many ingredients. But the one I ordered had nothing inside, so it taste very plain. Yea. I ordered the wrong things. There are a few types of them. But it’s quite special as this chee cheung fun is being fried before served.

At HK, the sauce for the chee cheung fun is peanut butter sauce and another sweet sauce (which I called tim cheung in cantonese). Quite a good combination too.
Har Kau. Big prawns can be found inside. Not only one prawns but a few.

Total bill is HKD 120++.

Hong Kong Food | Lunch @ Disneyland

Yea. I am back with blogging after a long struggle with the new template!

That’s Mickey! Had lots of fun in Disneyland. Seems like all my worries are gone when I’m in Disneyland.

After whole day of fun at Disneyland, finally it’s time for our next meal since the last 8 hrs. I order a Shanghai ramen with pork chop (if not mistaken of the name). Hmm… taste wise pretty good. Maybe it’s because I feel very hungry at the moment. 2 big pieces of pork chop can be found.

Another meal is the Treasure Box which contain of chicken wing,salted egg, lap cheong and some vege. This one taste so so. But I was amazed of the big size of the lap cheong.

This is BBQ pork rice (Char Siew Rice). This one taste good. The char siew is so tender although the pork is very thick. Very thick compare to the one that we can get in Malaysia.

As expected, the meal is extremely expensive in Disneyland. Even a bottle of coke cost HKD 20.

Hong Kong Food | HK Food Court

We were into 2nd day of our HK trip, and today’s itinerary is Disneyland. The moment we stepped out of our hotel, it’s drizzling. OMG! Rainy weather will spoil our trip. Soon, it’s raining heavily.

Without much choices, we venture into an indoor food court name Tai Kah Lok.

The breakfast set is very much like what we saw in TVB drama. Set A, Set B…

My friend order this set which consist of century egg porridge, lo mai kai (glutinous rice) and of course a cup of milk tea. The porridge is so smooth.

The Loh Mai Kai is so big. We were shocked! And it’s different from what we have in Msia. The ingredients are wrapped in the glutinous rice. Lots of ingredients can be found inside. Taste good.

Another set of breakfast is Soy Sauce Fried Mee (Si Yau Wong Chau Mian). It’s too oily for me. Not much ingredients except some vegetables. Taste wise – so so.
I’ve ordered this set. French toast with ham and egg. I was disappointed with the toast. Just a normal plain toast. But the scramble egg is tasty. The egg was topped with half cooked egg. Special and yummy.

Hong Kong Food | Supper at Mong Kok

After a long day visiting HK, finally we are back to Mong Kok. It’s time for supper.

Yea… we should not miss any chance to eat at HK. Hehe… must try out their food ma…

Tried their Char Chan Teng. Even though the restaurant is small but many tables are fitted inside. Since it’s already 1.30 am, we just ordered 2 sets of meal to share among 4 of us. The serving size is much too big for supper…

This is pork chop in black pepper sauce serve with spaghetti. You can either choose it to be serve with an egg or a piece of hotdog. Taste good but too salty to my liking.

Another set is also black pepper pork chop served with white rice. This set was served with an egg.
Both sets are served with milk tea. This was served at Sun Wah Restaurant near Portland Street.

Hong Kong & Macau

Okay. Let’s pause for a while at food. I would like to share a few scene from HK and Macau.

1. Breathtaking view from The Peak

2. Goldfish market. Lots of goldfish and pets are available here.

3. Big Buddha at Tai Yu Shan
4. Night scene from Avenue of Stars

5. Disneyland
6. Macau

Hong Kong Food | Hong Kong Day (???)

This is the restaurant we had our first dinner at Hong Kong. And it’s located at The Peak.

We are very hungry at that moment. So the big portion of the food do please us. Hehe!

This is chicken chop rice. There are some ginger on top of the chicken. Yummy.
I ordered stir fried koay teow with beef. To me this is so so only. The koay teow is a bit hard and the beef is too salty. I was slightly disappointed as I thought HK will have tasty stir fired koay teow with beef. Wan tan mee. The wan tan is delicious. Whole prawn can be found inside a wantan. Yummy. Curry beef with rice. The curry also taste good but was too salty for me. In fact, most of the food also tend to taste more saltly.
Milk Tea. As expected, it’s very thick and creamy. Too creamy for my taste.
If not mistaken, this dinner cost us HKD 170++. Ya. That’s real expensive!
Overall a satisfying dinner before we venture Madame Tussauds and to a breathtaking night view of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Food | Hui Lau Shan (Mango Dessert)

Hui Lau Shan is our first stop when we arive at Hong Kong. It’s time for mango dessert. Yummy.
We ordered mango pudding with ice cream. There are mango pudding, mango ice cream and also big chunks of sweet sweet mango in mango juice. Taste good.

Mango mochi. This is also very special. Big chunk of mango wrapped in mango flavour mochi. But the mango chunk is not as sweet as the one available in mango pudding.

We order 2 mango puddings and one mango mochi and it cost us HKD 85.

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