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Bravo Italiana Part II (Heavenly Desserts) | Penang Restaurant

As promised, the second part of the review would be on desserts! After a great meal on appetizers and main course, some desserts were served. Desserts play an important role in a meal as it give the last impression on the meal you just had.

Let’s start with a very special drink, Caffe Romano (RM14). It’s an orange coffee with added vodka and a scoop of ice cream on top. Just like the A&W Rootbeer float. Hard to imagine how that’d taste like rite? Coffee + orange + vodka + ice cream?

At first, I dare not try out this drink as I heard the word ‘vodka’. I don’t like alcoholic drinks for 2 reasons. One would be the bitter taste of it and throat stinging feel when the liquor flow down my throat. Another would be, I would have rashes over my body when I have alcoholic drinks. :(

But I just can’t resist the nicely presented drink seated right in front of my eyes. Before I had my first sip, I got a warning from Tam Ciak that I should mix the drink well first. Else I’d have a shock of sipping just the vodka layer like he experienced few minutes ago.


Tsuruya @ I Avenue | Penang Restaurant

I always pass by this restaurant and whenever I do, the devil and angel side of me will appear and argue whether should I dine in there. My devil side will say, ‘go in… go in… jap food waiting for you…yum yum..’ & my angel side will protect my wallet , ‘Don’t ever go in, it’s going to be very damaging judging by the outlook of the restaurant’.

Finally one day, my devil side won and without realizing I’m already sitting on the tatami.

Tsuruya Restaurant We ordered one Seafood Bento Set to share among us as normally bento set is huge. The bento set come with a bowl of salad, chawanmushi (steam egg) and fruits.

Bravo Italiana | Penang Restaurant

Apart from the birthday meal treat from my aunt at Sakae Teppanyaki, my bf treat me Italian food at Bravo Italiana which is located at I Avenue. It’s just located next to the 100 Yen shop which sells Japanese stuffs such as snacks, household appliances and some fancy stuffs.

Bravo Italiana Restaurant Both of us ordered set dinner. We were served with soup of the day (pumpkin soup).


100 Yen

100 yen… what’s the first thing that come across your mind? Must be Japan ya…
There’s a new shop in town – 100 yen shop at I-Avenue. It’s located at the same row with Watson.

It’s a new franchise shop selling Japanese stuffs such as tidbits, drinks and household accessories.
I would like to introduce a dessert sold at this shop which is snow ice. It’s something like our ice kacang but the ice is much smoother. This is the container used to store the snow ice which can maintain the ice temperature.

100 Yen Shop

There are 7 flavours available which are Mango, Strawberry, Lychee, Milk, Peanut, Green Tea and Coffee Snow Ice.
I ordered Mango Snow Ice. The mango flavoured ice is topped with mango chunks and mango puree. The ice is so smooth. It taste quick sweet but it’s acceptable for a sweet tooth person like me.

Mango Snow Ice 1

See the texture of the ice. So smooth.

Mango Snow Ice 2

Snow Ice Menu It costs RM 4.90 per bowl.

Red Chopstick @ I Avenue | Penang Restaurant

This restaurant serve a wide variety of food. You can find almost everything here, eg. curry mee, fried rice, claypot with rice, nasi lemak, spaghetti, porridge, pan mee, satay, and a wide variety of dessert which is including tong yuen. This restaurant is located at I Avenue, just next to Air Cool Car Tinted Shop and Watson.

We ordered tomato fried rice with satay and Claypot Vegetable Curry with rice. As for drinks / dessert we ordered Honey Dew Sago Ice and Mo Mo Cha Cha. You can opt for the dessert to be served later.

Here comes the tomato fried rice with satay. The fried rice is pretty good, just that slightly wet. Tomatoes, some herbs, spices and salted egg pieces can be found in the fried rice. 3 pcs of satay are served together. The satay taste good. There’s a hint of lemongrass flavour in the satay. Suppose they used it to marinate the satay huh. The satay portion is quite big.

I like their satay very much. They serve chicken and lamb satay. There is a satay set which you can order. Range from RM8.90 – RM11.90 for a regular satay set of chicken or lamb or both. You can opt for the large set too.

I’ve ordered Claypot Vegetable Curry. This dish is not recommended at all. I’ve visited this shop a few times before I started blogging. Overall, the dishes are tasty except for this one. The curry is too thick but without any curry taste at all. Long bean, four season bean, cabbage, mushroom and tofu were used in this dish.

Mo Mo Cha Cha. I’ve tasted this before, in my memory the taste is good. But this time, the vanilla essence smell is slightly too strong. I wonder why they use essence?? But lots of ingredients can be found in this. The thing that I like most is the sago like thing which they made into a flower shape. It’s chewy.

Honey Dew Sago Ice. Honey dew is blended then mix with coconut juice served with sago and honey dew. Not to sweet :-) . Nice. Normally there are around 3- 4 honey dew balls in it.

The environment is nice. Very peaceful feeling with some soft music playing. The decoration is quite classic

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 11am – 2pm, 6pm – 9.30pm

Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 12 pm – 9.30pm

More pictures:

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