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Ah Weng Koh Famous Hainan Coffee and Roti Kahwin @ Imbi Market

I am actually salivating when I’m writing this post. I miss the taste of it, too bad I can’t get this at Penang. Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea is a famous stall selling¬†authentic¬†Hainan Coffee and toasted bread which is located at Imbi Market.

My bf’s brother introduced this place to us during our last trip to KL.


Dim Sum | Loh Mai Kai in a Pau.

Yea. You read it correctly. It’s a loh mai kai in a pau which they called it ‘kai wo pau (???)‘. This one was featured in A Taste with Jason program.

This shop is located near IMU – International Medical University @ Sri Petaling. But it wasn’t my luck as I went there twice, both around 12pm but this pau has been sold out. But along the street there are a few dim sum restaurants selling this type of pau. As that was the last day I were at KL, it left no choice for me but to buy from another restaurant instead of the one recommended by Axian (Jason).

This is how it look like on top. See the hole on top of the pau, there you can find mushroom and salted egg yolk which is not a usual ingredient in a normal loh mai kai. At the bottom, it looks like the below. Inside there are normal ingredients we can find in loh mai kai. It tasted good. The glutinuous rice is soft with some ‘juice’ from the chicken and char siew. Yummy.
The restaurant recommended by Jason is:


This restaurant is open for breakfast and also dinner time. The ??? is sold in the morning and night as well. I should have cut this pau into half and snap a picture before I eat it. But I only thought of it when I’m almost finish with the pau. Aiyo…

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