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Raja Uda

Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee

If someone ask you, ‘Would you like to have a full course curry meal? ‘ , what would come across your mind? When my uncle asked me that when I first arrived at Penang, I was imagining an Indian cuisine. To my very surprise, it’s actually hawker food which serve curry mee with a wide variety of curry side dishes.

This curry mee stall is located at Raja Uda, Butterworth which only operates at dinner time. This stall is always flooded with customers during my visits.

Upon arriving, the more than 10 curry dishes definitely caught my attention. The fragrant of the curry spices immediately attack my nostril. Being a tam chiak (person who loves to eat) girl, if can I want to order all those curry dishes be it curry chicken, curry squid, curry prawn, curry clams, curry string ray, etc! Let’s forget about the cholesterol for the time being :P

Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee 9


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