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Sunway Carnival

Korean BBQ Chicken @ Sunway Carnival | Penang Restaurant

Enjoyed a meal at Korean BBQ Chicken Restaurant with my aunt and cousin. It’s just a snack meal as both my aunt and cousin already had their lunch. I am the only one haven’t had lunch.

We strolled along Sunway Carnival thinking what to eat. As usual, dunno what to eat. Hehe. Then we came across this restaurant and we decided to try something new to us. It was my first visit to this restaurant although I always come across it at Gurney Plaza.

We flipped and flipped the menu thinking what to order. The pictures in the menu make me drool. Finally made up my mind, I’ve ordered Korean Charbroiled. This is a set which come with Mashed Potato or Shrimp Fried Rice and Salad. I’ve chosen mashed potato as rice would be too heavy.

This is how it looked like. Hmm… first bite. Yummy! The thigh meat is so tender and the ingredients used to marinate the chicken is fully absorbed by the chicken. The meat taste slightly sweet. But after a few bites, I found that the skin is quite fatty so I left the fatty skin untouched. Mashed potato tasted very creamy. The salad tasted slightly bitter and the veges are floaded with mayonise which is think it’s just too much. Both the mashed potato and the salad are not to my liking.
As for this set the price is RM14.50 for 2 pcs set, RM18.90 for 3 pcs set or RM 34.60 for a family set which consist of 6 pcs.

My cousin sister ordered Golden Strip. It’s fried chicken fillet. The chicken fillet is garnished with some cheese. To my surprised, the chicken fillet is not dry at all altough chicken breast is used. The meat is tender too and there are some spices aroma in the meat. I can’t figure out what’s the spices used. Sure I can’t la… it’s their secret recipe ma, lol! Hehe. ..
As for the price, RM 8.50 for 4 pcs and RM12.00 for 6 pcs.

We ordered ice lemon tea. There isn’t any lemon or tea taste. Not recommended.

Overall, the food is good. Will surely return to try on others.

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