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Caffeine Attack for Coffee Lovers @ Full of Beans

Allie is back in action cos she’s being attacked by caffeine. :P
This is a MUST read post for all coffee lovers! Don’t miss this or you’ll miss out something real GOOD!

My new favourite hang out place on Friday night: Full of Beans at Straits Quay. Full of Beans provides a very relaxing environment for you to enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee. I like that they provide sofas. The environment is cozy. Since it’s located at one end of the mall, it’s very peaceful. I can laze there all day long with a cup of coffee, some macarons and a book! It’s also a great place to have a few friends get together and gossips!

Full of Beans


Ryoma Japanese Restaurant | Penang Restaurant

First of all, sorry for not updating my blog for a week. I was being kinda busy lately and so fed up with my work. Somehow, I found a way to pamper myself and to release all those anger and frustration. Guess what? I treated myself  a wonderful dinner at Ryoma Japanese Restaurant.


Fettes Park Western Food ; Penang Food

“Let me bring you to a special place for dinner tonight”. This is what my bf told me before we departed to dinner that night.

Soon, we arrived at our destination. It’s the Fettes Park Western Food. Then I start to complain d lor… “Aiyo.. what’s so special about this place?” After all, it just look like any other western food eating outlet. My bf said, ‘be patient okie’.

The first part of the interior of the restaurant.


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