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Lok Lok

Ho Chiak Lok Lok ; Penang Hawker Food

Recently I’m so tied up with my work as there are so many issues popped up. It’s like a chain effect.. more and more items are affected. I’m so stress up that I don’t have the time and mood to blog. The issues and the people that I deal with is making my life so miserable. Pressure just build up… and I keep on stuffing myself with chocolate to relief myself. Aiyo… must stop eating those chocolates d, else will become tua pui poh (fatty lady) lor…

As usual, we are heading to one of our usual place for dinner as it’s near my house and there’s a wide variety of hawker food available. But the one thing that I dislike about this place is the poor air ventilation. Most of the smoke from cooking get trapped resulting a hot area. And the smoke will also stick to our clothes and hair, make us smelly.

After I had koay teow teng for dinner … wait.. koay teow teng again? My last 2 posts were about koay teow teng too, it’s ktt craze week! After the koay teow teng, I spotted this lok lok stall at the end of the stalls. Although I’m already feeling full, but I just feel like want to stuff myself with food to release those pressure!

The moment we were seated, I got attracted by the types of sauces available.


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