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Thian Hoe Restaurant at Gurun

After our morning shooting session at Kuala Muda, we hunt around for food. Our initial plan is to go for the Yau Yue Ong Choy (cuttlefish convolvulus) at Gurun. I miss the taste of the yau yue ong choy after I’ve tasted it once. But we are out of luck that day. The shop is close on Saturday. Since our stomach is already crying for food, we just stopped by a restaurant nearby for lunch. Thian Hoe Restaurant is just located a few doors away from the cuttlefish convolvulus stall.


A lok lok style rojak! + a visit to Kuala Muda

What do this small stall offers? See those ‘sticks’ resting on the stall… Could be satay? lok lok? Read on to find out!


Penang Floggers 4th gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria

Photography ; Light Trail Shooting at E-gate

I’m not going to write about any food today, instead I’m going to share some photos of Light Trail which I took last Saturday at E-gate. This is my first light trail shooting and I learned a lot from my friends and sifus who are so kind to teach :)  

This is my first time to join them in the photo shooting outing. I was nervous at first, due to I’m new in the group.  The meeting point is at the Caltex petrol station near E-gate. When most of the people had gathered, we walked to the pedestrian bridge nearby. It was just 6.30 pm and the sun was still shinning brightly. 

Erm… I think due to the sun still shinning brightly, it’s not suitable for shooting yet.  So we crossed the bridge and had our own good time. 

When it’s 7pm++, we started to set our tripod and find ourselves a good spot with good view. Too bad we only have one tripod to share among 2 of us. So I used the pedestrian bridge handle to support my camera since I am not using any tripod. 

Tried out a few setting of shutter speed and aperture to get the effect that I wanted. 

This is the shot when the sky is still bright. Not much cars were on the road that day. Long exposure is needed in order to get the ‘light trail’ effect.

The sky become more bluish and the picture become more colourful. Due to no tripod, I have limitations in the angle. :(


Thank you PTP!

Thank you PTP! Must be wondering why I thank PTP ya.

See my Christmas banner on top… It’s contribution from PTP as the benefit for their guest contributor.

The credit goes to Huat Koay who’s the webmaster in PTP.

Merry Christmas my dear readers! Ho Ho Ho…

7 facts about ME

Why would I want to write 7 facts or 7 random things about myself in my FOOD blog? Why the magic number is 7 but not 6 or 8 or 9?

Reason is I’ve been tagged by Cariso and the topic is I need to write 7 facts / 7 random things about myself.
Let’s begin:
i) I am a sweet tooth person. Chocolates, ice creams, cakes and tong sui are my favourites.
ii) I am also a ‘junkie’ person, always like to eat junk food.
iii) I am not a ‘rice’ person. I don’t like to eat rice.
iv) I can’t stand the smell of durian. Yea, I don’t eat durian. Weirdo am I?
v) I like to bake cheese cake but I am not a big fan of cheese cake. I just relish the outcome; a nicely baked cheese cake with smooth texture and satisfy seeing people enjoy eating my cake.
vi) I don’t speak hokkien as I am not penangnites. But I do understand simple conversation, so don’t talk bad about me using hokkien. Hahaha.
vii) I like photography and just bought myself a Nikon dslr, D60. I am learning how to take good shots. Anyone want to be my model?
Task completed. :-)
Seems like 70% of the random things about myself is about food huh.. afterall this is a food blog ma.
I assume I need to pass this tag on, so I’m gonna tag the following bloggers with the same topic:

An avatar for Allie

Yeah! I got myself an avatar. It’s compliment from PenangTuiPui as I’m their guest contributor. Click here to see which post was chosen to be the first post to be published at their blog.

Birth of Di Moment

Recently I’ve discovered that my passion for photography is growing.

After I’m back from my HK trip, saw some pictures taken by my friend’s DSLR Nikon D80, I got attracted to dslr.
So, I got myself a Nikon D60 and start playing around with it. Now it’s been almost 2 months I’ve onwed it.

I’ve started a photography blog to share some pictures taken by me. Comments are most welcome.

Please pay a visit to my photography blog (Di Moment) @

Comment posting error

Since my post of sambal koay teow, I received no comment. I was thinking, maybe my post is not attractive enough? Or maybe I’ve lost all my readers?

So, I checked my statistic. Hmm… I did have visitors… but why no comment? Must be my post not interesting enough huh…

Ok, let me post another review. Hmm… no comment still.

Few hours later I received a few messages in my chatter box from Little Inbox and Cariso saying that they are not able to post comment in my blog.

So, I checked my comment settings.
1. Comments = Show (Ok)
2. Who can comment – Anyone (Ok)

Hmm… like this should be no problem right. So, I asked help from Huat Koay (PenangTuaPui).
Then I realised that few days ago, I did change a setting which is Comment Form Placement. I changed from Full page to Embedded below post. I thought Embedded below post mean the comment will appear at the end of my post. Yalor… I keh gao gao lo…

According to Huat Koay, if I want to change the setting to Embedded below post, I need to change some of the code. Hehe… I know nothing about the html code… So, next time I better don’t pandai pandai go change this and that. :-p

Anyway, now anyone can post a comment in my blog d. It’s back to normal. Hooray!

Penang Restaurant | Starview Restaurant moved to New World Park

Starview Restaurant moved to New World Park (NWP). This restaurant is no longer operating at Burmah Road?

Been to NWP last Saturday and took this picture. Suppose this restaurant just opened as so many flowers are put outside.

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