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Be careful!

I would like to share this experience with people so that you can be careful when you’re alone on the road especially ladies. This happened to me a few months ago when I have not start blogging yet.

One night around 9pm, I was driving alone back from Prai to Penang. Suddenly a motorist came from the back and keep on honking at me. Then he bypass me and keep on pointing at my car in a very urgent manner. I thought something was wrong with my car. He ride his motor along my car for quite sometime and keep on pointing. I paid no heed to him. Then he was ahead of me.

I worry something happen to my car so I plan to stop by road shoulder to hv a quite look. Just after I lighted my signal and slow down, the motorist turned back. I was driving on a one way road. Why he turned back??! I got scare, I off my signal and I continued my journey. He was riding his motorbike coming towards me. He keep on pointing at my car again. I was really worry something was wrong with my car, so I wind down my window a bit (around one inch gap), and asked him “what”? Then he said, “Tayar kereta awak berasap (smoke is coming from your tyre)”. Then straight away I wind up my window and I continue my journey without stopping my car to look at my tyre.

I keep on looking at the rear mirror to make sure the motorist is not tailing me. But still I worry so much about my tyre, scare that it’ll explode halfway. After I passed Penang Toll, I saw a few car stopped at the road shoulder. So, I decided to stop my car and hv a quick look at my tyre. As expected, nothing’s wrong with my tyre. I got into my car quickly, lock the door and drive back to my house asap. I was shivering all the way until I reached home.

I can’t imagine what will happen to me if I stop my car when the motorist turned back.

So, my friend out there, please be careful. Even if someone bang your car at the back, do not stop but drive straight away to police station. Better be safe than sorry.

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