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Havenly Allie is breathing again…

My blog is breathing again with a new look after around 33 hours of downtime.

Everything started when I have an intention to change my template. The first time I change my template, I did a mistake which is I didn’t back up my template. So, I thought I’m being wise this time by backing up the template before I start to do any changes.

So, I began to try on a few new templates. Soon I face an error where I am not able to load the new template. I googled for the solution to overcome the error. It ask me to delete all my widgets one by one. But before that all the widgets shall be back up using notepad. I didn’t know how to backup the widgets, so I just delete the widgets without any backup. As I thought I’ve backup the template, so it should be no problem.

But when I upload my previous templates, most of my widgets are gone. OMG! I’m getting crazy… I feel so down. T_T. Thanks to CK Lam and Penang Tua Pui (PTP)! Although they didn’t do much, but with their concern I regain my spirit to put everything back. But it’s not easy as it’s like starting from square one again.

I didn’t expect that they responded so fast. Immediately after CK Lam saw my message in her chatter box, she asked me to seek help from PTP. I did leave a message in PTP’s chatter box too. Tam Ciak said will let Huat Koay know about my problem. Thanks again to both of you!

Hope can meet you guys in person soon!

The Lady

She’s the most inconsiderate lady that I’ve met. I met her after one of my housemate move out and we need to find a replacement. She looks fine to us (me + my another housemate). But things turn bad and very bad after she moved in.

Bad things started in the toilet. The one that I share with her. She never clean the toilet. I bear with her and everytime I clean it. She put all her skin care and body care at the top of the basin until I hv no space even I wanna turn the knob for the tap. Sigh… I didn’t even say a word regarding this to her. Thought she’ll realised it.

After a few months she stays with us, my another housemate and I had a chat. Let’s name my another housemate as Flower and the inconsiderate lady as Spider. In the middle of the chatting session, we talked about Spider. Fr the conversation I just realised that Spider had created so much things that annoys Flower. Just to name a few here:

1. Spider has a very bad habit which is she always close any door with a loud bang! She wakes Flower up early in the morning.
2. She always left the plates and utensils dirty even after she washed it.
3. She never wash the table cloth after she used it. She left the table cloth with the rubbish she wiped out from the table.
4. She never throw the rubbish she’d thrown in the dustbin even after a few weeks. Stench smell are emitting fr the rubbish. *vomit*
5. She never lift up the toilet seat everytime after she used it. And she always left it in wet condition.
6. She never sweep or mop the floor. But she always make a mess in the living room and kitchen.

Sigh… this is only a few of her bad habits which really annoys Flower and me. I only hope I can only move into my new house soon. I hv no more patience to stay with Spider anymore.

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