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Classic house

Yeah! Finally after 3 days of hardwork in housekeeping, my new house is clean. :-) But my whole body is aching. :-(

As posted before, this house is fully furnished. mmm… after rearrange of the sofa set, tv cabinet and coffee table, the feeling that I have for this house is … it’s more to classic or ‘outdated’. Haha. Why did I say so? Lets see the sofa set:

See… the colour and the design… dark brown leather. :-p Nowadays, people normally buy a L-shape sofa, but the previous owner bought a 3+2+1 sofa set. The sofa set is too big to fit into a condo.

Now come the TV cabinet. Haiyo … it can’t even fit well to the wall because there’s a part which protruded out from the wall. Can’t understand why the previous owner bought it. Seems like he never measure the dimension before be bought all da furnitures.

End up we decided to move this TV cabinet into the study room and utilized the coffee table as ‘TV cabinet’. See the design of the TV cabinet and the coffee table… so ‘classic’ = outdated. :-p

Since all the furnitures are very new, we decided to use it. Wont be buying any new one.

*sob* I’m longing for new sofa set, TV cabinet and coffee table…

Putra Place – My new house

May 15th, is a memorable day. :-)

Out of my expectation, we’ve bought Putra Place. All the while The Spring is the apartment that I wanted to buy and live in. Putra Place has never came across my mind… mm… things really turned out unexpectedly.

Yesterday went to see this house at Putra Place. The first house that we survey and after 20mins of consideration, we’ve paid deposit to the owner. Is it a fast decision? mm…


The Spring

The Spring is a condominium project owned by IJM which is located at Georgetown. I’ve waited for it to launched since end of last year. After waited for so long, finally it is announced to be launced on 3rd May. So, we got our deposit ready which is RM 20k.


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