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Dragon Nine Restaurant

Dragon Nine Restaurant, another Hong Kong style restaurant which is located at Bellisa Row. The name of the restaurant got me assumed that it serves food as Kim Gary or Canton I, but to my surprise, it’s not. The menu consists very limited choices of dim sum but a variety of cantonese stir fried dishes.

Dragon Nine Restaurant

Dragon Nine


Restaurant Loong Grilled Fish Seafood

Allie have been missing in action for quite sometime. I”m back to share something good with my readers :)

I’ve got a new gadget Panasonic Lumix LX3, so in future I’ll be shooting food photos with my new toy.

A friend of mine brought me to this seafood restaurant, Restaurant Loong Grilled Fish Seafood. A great place for seafood!


Spicy and Sour Fish Bihun @ Sg. Ara

Recently I’m being advise by my doctor that I should avoid eating those char koay teow, curry mee and fried food due to some health issue. Even chocolate! Gosh! How can I ever avoid eating chocolate? Sigh… no more fun and excitement already! :(


Wang Chau Jun Restaurant

Craving for something super sour? Let’s head to Wong Chau Jun restaurant for their sour and spicy fish bihun soup.


Noodle Station @ Kulim

Kulim is no longer a strange place to me when I joined my current company. It’s not that I’ve to be stationed at Kulim, but I’ve to travel there regularly. Recently, there’s a new shopping mall which is Giant (Kulim Landmark Central). A few new eating outlets opened at the Kulim Landmark Central which makes the lunch choices at Kulim a little more variety and not too boring.

Noodle Station is one of the few eating outlets at Giant. Thanks to Cariso, for inviting me to try out some dishes there.


Thian Hoe Restaurant at Gurun

After our morning shooting session at Kuala Muda, we hunt around for food. Our initial plan is to go for the Yau Yue Ong Choy (cuttlefish convolvulus) at Gurun. I miss the taste of the yau yue ong choy after I’ve tasted it once. But we are out of luck that day. The shop is close on Saturday. Since our stomach is already crying for food, we just stopped by a restaurant nearby for lunch. Thian Hoe Restaurant is just located a few doors away from the cuttlefish convolvulus stall.


Pearl Palace Restaurant

Pearl Palace Restaurant is residing humbly at Setia Pearl Island Country Club. Considering the location of this restaurant, I don’t think that anyone would have walk-in into this restaurant for lunch or dinner purpose. But I personally feel that it’s a nice place for a function such as wedding, reunion dinner, friends gathering and etc.


Mid Autumn Package Meal @ Young Heart Restaurant

Mid Autumn Festival is near. Looking for a place to have a reunion dinner with your family or loves one?

Young Heart Restaurant offers 2 set meal packages (4 pax package & 2 pax package) in conjunction to the Mid Autumn Festival / Mooncake Festival. Thanks to Ms. Kee, the proprietor of Young Heart owner &  Jason, a few of us got to enjoy both of this set meals prior to its launching.

Young Heart serves dishes which are prepared, cooked with care and healthy eating is the main key that is being emphasized here.


Song River | Penang Restaurant

Taro fish meat bihun. I am so attracted by it after I read a post in aftergiovanni. I always keep this in my mind that I MUST try this out. Finally, on one fine Sunday morning I tought of this fishmeat bihun. I can’t exactly remember the location of the place which serve the taro fish meat bihun, the only memory that I have is, it’s located somewhere near Song River or is it Song River?

I really can’t recall the exact location, so… what to do? We just can try our luck, and we picked Song River Restaurant which is located along Gurney Drive.

My bf recommended the osyer noodle and fried egg with bitter gourd. But I insisted to have fish meat bihun, so we ask the waitress whether they serve such dish. Yes, they do have but no taro fish meat bihun … means we stepped into the wrong place!

The oyster noodle was served in a claypot with a generous amount of osyter displyed on top.


Ko Fu Loft Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza | Penang Restaurant

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long. I’ve been hibernating in blogging, not sure if I’ve lost the passion in blogging or I’m too tied up with some other things. 

Anyway, my passion for good food and photography still remain :) . Does anyone realise that Food Loft in Gurney Plaza had closed down and a new restaurant Ko Fu Loft has taken over the vacant lot? Thanks to Criz, I got the opportunity to try out a wide variety of food from Ko Fu Loft. 


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