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Bravo Italiana Part II (Heavenly Desserts) | Penang Restaurant

As promised, the second part of the review would be on desserts! After a great meal on appetizers and main course, some desserts were served. Desserts play an important role in a meal as it give the last impression on the meal you just had.

Let’s start with a very special drink, Caffe Romano (RM14). It’s an orange coffee with added vodka and a scoop of ice cream on top. Just like the A&W Rootbeer float. Hard to imagine how that’d taste like rite? Coffee + orange + vodka + ice cream?

At first, I dare not try out this drink as I heard the word ‘vodka’. I don’t like alcoholic drinks for 2 reasons. One would be the bitter taste of it and throat stinging feel when the liquor flow down my throat. Another would be, I would have rashes over my body when I have alcoholic drinks. :(

But I just can’t resist the nicely presented drink seated right in front of my eyes. Before I had my first sip, I got a warning from Tam Ciak that I should mix the drink well first. Else I’d have a shock of sipping just the vodka layer like he experienced few minutes ago.


Bravo Italiana @ I-Avenue (Part I) | Penang Restaurant

“Tiramisu”, this is the one thing that willl pop up in my mind everytime Bravo Italiana is mentioned. :D I like the tiramisu served there from my first visit during my birthday celebration.

Now, I get the chance to savour more and new dishes thanks to PenangTuaPui for organizing the food tasting session. Of course not forgetting the restaurant owner, Mr. Lim for preparing the meal for us.

This restaurant is considered quite a new restaurant in Bayan Lepas area. Bravo Italiana aged less than 2 years old. It’s located at I-Avenue.

The interior of the restaurant is very cosy with dim yellow lighting and soft music playing at the background.

Mixed Bean Soup (RM6) was one of the first few dishes served. Few types of beans and pasta were cooked together with this soup. The portion was quite big. If I were to finish a bowl all by myself, I don’t think my stomach will have room for other dishes. As apart from the big portion, beans and pasta are quite filling too.


Bravo Italiana | Penang Restaurant

Apart from the birthday meal treat from my aunt at Sakae Teppanyaki, my bf treat me Italian food at Bravo Italiana which is located at I Avenue. It’s just located next to the 100 Yen shop which sells Japanese stuffs such as snacks, household appliances and some fancy stuffs.

Bravo Italiana Restaurant Both of us ordered set dinner. We were served with soup of the day (pumpkin soup).


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