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Restaurant Loong Grilled Fish Seafood

Allie have been missing in action for quite sometime. I”m back to share something good with my readers :)

I’ve got a new gadget Panasonic Lumix LX3, so in future I’ll be shooting food photos with my new toy.

A friend of mine brought me to this seafood restaurant, Restaurant Loong Grilled Fish Seafood. A great place for seafood!


Kam Heong Crab @ Terubong Seafood Restaurant

Previously when we had claypot crab rice, we were not able to satisfy our craving for crab. Our friend told us Terubong Seafood Restaurant serves yummy crab. The way he describe the crab tastiness make us want to drive straight to the restaurant to eat the crab.

During my first visit to the restaurant, we were not able to try out the crab as it had finished. It was just 8pm ++ and the crabs were out of order?? !!


Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant | Penang Restaurant

I am back from Cambodia! It was a great trip except that I got tanned by the hot sun. Being away from home, definitely does make me miss local food; Laksa, hokkien mee, char koay teow, wan tan mee, etc. just name it, I’ve had it all after I touched down. Having those hawker food is not enough to satisfy my craving for local food. Just when I’m thinking of seafood, our friend ask us to join them to try out the claypot crab rice. They have been wanting to try it out since they read in a forwarded email of Cia Xiang Claypot Crab Rice posted by CK.

Without any consideration, we agreed. And so off we go to Simpang Empat for Claypot Crab Rice with high expectation in our mind.


Seong Hoe Claypot Bah Kut Teh | Penang Food

Anyone can tell me where can I get Klang Bah Kut Teh standard here in Penang? I’ve been searching for a shop which serve bah kut teh just like Klang standard, but I yet to find one.

My friend recommended Seong Hoe to me. It’s not really the Klang standard bah kut teh, but it’s able to satisfy my craving for bah kut teh. Seong Hoe is located at Paya Terubong area.


Penang Seafood | Ji De Lai San Ding Seafood

I’ve been not updating my blog and missing like for one week. I’ve been holding myself back after the incident of losing my grandma. :-( But seems like keeping myself in my own world didn’t help at all. I need to get back to track to avoid myself from thinking too much. I guess blogging might be able to help.

We were told by an ex-colleague that this restaurant serves good tasting claypot fish. This restaurant named Ji De Lai San Ding Seafood is somehow ‘hidden’ in a residential area somewhere between Jelutong and Batu Lanchang. I’ll point you to the right direction later in this post. 

There’s a big dining area, guess it’s to accomodate the non-stop visits of its customer. 

Penang Seafood | Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant @ Weld Quay

“The food serving is even faster than any fast food restaurant”, this is what my friend HP told me when we talked about this restaurant. The serving time is comparable to Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood which is located at the same area too.

Some crackers are served as appetizers.


Penang Seafood | Sin Hai Beng Seafood @ Batu Maung

What to eat tonight?” … This is the question that we normally post to each other during dinner time. Normally for dinner, we would have hawker food cos it’s just 2 of us. Eating out everyday for lunch and dinner could be very boring.

I went to this restaurant for lunch few days ago and their Pai Kut Ong Rice gave me a good impression. Although the price is slightly higher (RM5) but the portion is really big.

Since my bf likes to eat pai kut ong, off we go to Sin Hai Ben Seafood Restaurant which is located at Batu Maung.

Sin Hai Beng Seafood Restaurant

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