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Cambodia (Siem Reap Trip) – Day 3

It’s a drizzling morning on our 3rd day at Siem Reap. Our tour guide brought us to a coffee shop which serve famous Cambodia food.

Upon seated, we saw a few delicacies ready served on the table. Those delicacies looks like our dim sum. At first I thought those are free. But then only I found out that it’s not.


Cambodia (Siem Reap Trip) – Day 2

We woke up at 4am local time and depart at 5am for the sunrise viewing at Angkor Wat. We bought the 3 days Angkor Ticket for USD 40 / pax. On the ticket, there’s our picture printed on it to prevent fraud I guess.

The ticket counter.


Cambodia (Siem Reap Trip) – Day 1

I was back from a trip to Siem Reap 2 weeks ago. It was a good experiece to be able to see the ancient temples of Angkor and also the lifestyle of the people of Siem Reap.

We managed to grab some cheap air ticket from Air Asia to Siem Reap, but departure was from KL. We are lucky as we are able to grab some zero fare ticket to KL too which just cost us RM 60/pax for a 2-way trip. As for the 2-way ticket from KL – Siem Reap, it cost us RM 277 / pax.

Since we have a few hours transit at LCCT, we’ve booked Tune Hotel which is located just a few minutes away from LCCT. Since we booked the hotel during a promo period, it just cost us RM 14.00. The room is really small, just less than 1 feet distance away from the queen size bed which is located at the center of the room. But it’s a pretty good place to sleep for a few hours waiting for our flight tomorrow morning at 7am.

There’s a free bus shuttle from LCCT to Tune Hotel or you can opt for a van shuttle which cost RM 1 / pax.


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