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Birthday Celebration @ Hard Rock Cafe

My birthday dinner this year is a very memorable one. My bf treated me a meal at Hard Rock Cafe.

I just love the environment there. Yellow and warm lightings created a cosy ambient in the restaurant. Every night, starting from 10.30pm onwards, there will be a live band performing in the restaurant. This creates a more lively ambient.

Most of the drinks in the menu has alcoholic content in it. As I am allergy to alcohol, I ordered something fruity and without any alcohol. Berrilicious is the name of the drink.


NEWS: Site to be down for maintenance

Dear Readers,

Please be informed that will be down for 2 days for maintenance purpose starting tonight. Please bear with me. Thanks for supporting!



Wan Tan Mee @ Burmah Road; Penang Hawker Food

I read about this wan tan mee in MyLoveMyFood blog. I was attracted to this wan tan mee stall when some of the commentors said it’s one of the Best in Penang. This stall is located at the busy Burmah Road where the famous Apong Guan is located. 

The wan tan mee stall is just located beside the busy road. There are very limited tables laid just in front of the shop houses at the back of the stall. 

We ordered a normal bowl of wan tan mee, there was some wan tan, vege and char siew. The wan tan mee was served in a bowl and it looks “white” compare to other type of wan tan mee I had before. We waited quite long for our order to arrive. 


Ho Chiak Lok Lok ; Penang Hawker Food

Recently I’m so tied up with my work as there are so many issues popped up. It’s like a chain effect.. more and more items are affected. I’m so stress up that I don’t have the time and mood to blog. The issues and the people that I deal with is making my life so miserable. Pressure just build up… and I keep on stuffing myself with chocolate to relief myself. Aiyo… must stop eating those chocolates d, else will become tua pui poh (fatty lady) lor…

As usual, we are heading to one of our usual place for dinner as it’s near my house and there’s a wide variety of hawker food available. But the one thing that I dislike about this place is the poor air ventilation. Most of the smoke from cooking get trapped resulting a hot area. And the smoke will also stick to our clothes and hair, make us smelly.

After I had koay teow teng for dinner … wait.. koay teow teng again? My last 2 posts were about koay teow teng too, it’s ktt craze week! After the koay teow teng, I spotted this lok lok stall at the end of the stalls. Although I’m already feeling full, but I just feel like want to stuff myself with food to release those pressure!

The moment we were seated, I got attracted by the types of sauces available.


Dim Sum @ Fun Tea Garden | Penang Food

Fun Tea Garden previously was known as Dynamic Cafe. Dynamic Cafe was previously located at around ‘Xia Bui’ market. Dynamic Cafe was renamed to Fun Tea Garden and moved to opposite of Perangin Mall Pizza Hut which is at Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong. It can be easily located.

This shop is located along main road, but don’t worry that you can’t get a parking as the shop owner co-operate with a parking site onwer to provide parking for Fun Tea Garden customers with only RM1 as parking fees. The parking is just slightly futher away down the road. There’s a ‘Car Park’ banner displayed, so don’t think you’ll miss it.

Char Siew Pau – The filling is very tasty. Yummy.
Egg Tart – the pastry is not fluffy enough but the egg is tasty as it’s not too sweet.
Century Egg porridge – my favourite. See, there are so much deep fried spring roll skins on top of the porridge. Such a generous serving. This porridge is very tasty. Very soft texture and the taste is just like that you can find at home. Lots of ingredients are used to cook this porridge, I guess. Shredded chicken, dried mussel and century egg can be found in the porridge.

Lo Mai Kai – Taste pretty nice but the glutinous rice is slighty uncooked.
Fried raddish cake – Skin is thin and very crispy. Inside is soft and there are some meats inside the raddish cake. Taste good.
Fried fishball – one of my favourite dim sum at any dim sum restaurant This one is quite chewy. I believe it’s hand made.
Siu Mai Wong – This is highly recommended by one of the worker. It’s the king of Siu Mai. Mm… for both of us the taste is similar to normal siu mai. mm… our taste bud problem? ? The difference that we found is in this siu mai king there are some vege.
Siu Mai – nothing much to fuss about. Big chunks of water chestnut can be found in this. Just good. ;)
More dim sum pictures:

Overall, the dim sum is satisfying. Total charges is RM 18.40. Quite reasonable for me.

Other than dim sum, this restaurant serve also char hor fun and other fried noodles.

p/s: Argh…! I forgot to print the voucher in Criz Lai’s blog to entitle a 10% discount. What a waste.

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