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Duck Drumstick Mee Suah @ Sg. Pinang ; Penang Hawker Food

It was a cloudy Sunday morning and we were out to hunt for our breakfast. Our initial intention was Beef Koay Teow @ Chulia Street.But when we are on our way there, the crowds and the hawker stalls stretching along Jalan Sungai Pinang attracted us. So, we decided to stop by and had our breakfast there.

After we were seated, N told me that this place is famous for its duck drumstick mee suah. Hehe… without a second thought, I ordered a bowl of mee suah. But to my disappointment, duck drumstick had sold out. :( . So I changed to duck meat instead.


Hokkien Mee @ Presgrave Street (Sar Tiao Lor) ; Penang Hawker Food

I’ve always missed out a few good hokkien mee stalls at Penang as most of them will have their hokkien mee sold out by 10am. I always make myself to wake up early for the hokkien mee, but I always failed my mission. :(

Since morning session we can’t make it, so we went hunt for a good hokkien mee which opens in the evening. This hokkien mee stall is located at Presgrave Street or more renowned as 3rd Road (Sar Tiao Lor).


Curry Mee & Koay Teow Teng @ Jln Samak ; Penang Hawker Food

Weekend is always a food hunt day. Our food hunt continue after Ah Leng Char Koay Teow. This stall just located very near to the ckt stall. It’s located opposite the Esso petrol station, just beside a Chinese temple.

This stall has been in operation since 1980. Normal business hour is from 7.30am – 10.30am. But once in a while you can be lucky just like us, who get to eat at 12pm. :)

The curry mee soup base look so white when the chili is not being mixed into it. But it’s very fragrant with just the adequate amount of coconut juice.


Xuan Xin at Gurney Plaza | Penang Restaurant

Xuan Xin Restaurant is one of the newly opened restaurant at Gurney Plaza New Wing. We dined here sometime ago and I had a very unforgettable experience there. Wanna know why… read on to find out.

Fried Rice with Minced Beef was fragrant with adequate wok hei. There were some bits of beef which was tender. The rice was not too soft and not too hard.


Penang Hill Laksa ; Penang Hawker Food

My food hunt continued to laksa after we ate the sister curry mee near Air Itam market. This stall is located by the road side on the way to Penang Hill.

Penang Hill Laksa Stall

The laksa tasted more to sweet side to me which is similar to the one at opposite Peng Hwa school. I like to add in some bird chili into my laksa to increase the level of spiciness.

Penang Hill Laksa 1

Air Itam Sister Curry Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

Let’s go to a unique place for a bowl of curry mee. How unique is it? You have to bend down when you order your bowl of curry mee. Why do I say so? Read more to find out…

See the picture below. That’s how the stall owner prepare the curry mee. She’s sitting on a small bench and all the utensils are also located on top of small benches. As you can see, the soup is cook with charcoal.

Air Itam Curry Mee Stall

The curry mee looks very white when the chili is not mix with the soup. There are some well marinated squid on top of the noodle. You can always ask for a special order to add extra squid or extra tofu or extra bihun. Just get your custom made bowl of curry mee here.

When I was having my bowl of curry mee there, I heard one customer order for less bihun with extra squid and chili. And I saw the bowl of curry mee… a generous portion of squid and the chili. I saw sweat were dripping from the man’s head when he consume that bowl of curry mee. But he seems like enjoyed it very much.

Air Itam Curry Mee 1


Harry B1 Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Juru, Auto City | Penang Restaurant

It’s been a long holiday and I just back to Penang 2 days ago. I spent this holiday at my hometown where no internet access is available in my house. That’s the reason why I left my blog untouched. But I guess not many people read blogs during CNY. Mm… that’s a good reason for me to be lazy. No la… not lazy la… relax myself ma…

Let me bring you to Auto City for dinner this time. We went to Harry B1, a Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant. This restaurant is located next to Sakae Tepanyaki where I got my birthday treat from my aunt.

Harry B1 RestaurantThe entrance of the restaurant is decorated with big pieces of glass which allows you to enjoy the view outside while you are BBQueing your food.


Festival ; Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is just 2 days away. Everyone is preparing for this festival; making cookies, decorating their house, buying new clothes and etc.

End of year of Rat is not that pleasing where those who work in semiconductor related industries are badly affected by shut down, pay cut, retrenchment and vss.

Hope in the Year of Ox, economy will start to bloom again and we won’t have to worry for our employment.

I will be driving back to my hometown today. Before I leave, I would like to wish all my readers a Happy & Prosperous Moo Year! Enjoy the festival and holiday with your family and friends.

If you are traveling to Penang during this CNY, char koay teow, hokkien mee, laksa and rojak are the must try local food.

Enjoy this holiday season !

24 hours Wan Tan Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

24 hours 7-Eleven, 24 hours KFC, 24 hours Mc D are familiar to us but 24 hours Wan Tan Mee? When I first heard about this, it was quite hard for me to believe it.

This stall operates by a 73 years old man and his wife. His wife operates the stall from 7am – 1pm, and the old man takes over then. The only off day is Tuesday night.

24 hours wan tan mee stall He has been operating the stall for ~ 50 years. According to him, he plan to operate the stall for another 2 years.

The stall owner in action making some wan tan for us.


Toasted Bread @ Joo Leong Cafe | Penang Food

Joo Leong Cafe is a famous place where many people working in FIZ area will take their breakfast here.

This coffee shop is located on the way to Penang Airport, but it’s barely noticeable if you were driving along the way. But you can always spot the long stretched cars parking by the road side, all those are their customers.

Joo Leong Cafe This coffee shop is famous for it’s toasted bread (roti bakar) and half boiled egg. While waiting for our bread and egg to be served, we grabbed a packed of economic noodle to fill our hungry stomach.


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