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A tasty breakfast at Pulau Tikus Market

Seems like it’s been quite sometime I didn’t post about koay teow teng ya :) . If you are a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ll notice that there’s one period that I posted a lot on koay teow teng, that other bloggers gave me a nick name as koay teow teng queen. :P

Browsing thru my koay teow teng post, I realized how I miss the koay teow teng at Pulau Tikus Market. Normally we didn’t really want to go to Pulau Tikus Market area due to the heavy traffic at the market area and it’s very hard to get a parking.

But when we are craving for that particular food so much, the traffic and parking doesn’t really matter, right?

Koay Teow Teng alone is just too plain to serve as our breakfast. :P

So we ordered char koay kak. This char koay kak is good! Full of wok hei and very flavourful.


Lang Sae Lee – Jetty Home Cooked Thai Food

When I read about Lang Sae Lee Thai Food in Lingzie‘s blog, I vowed to go there as I love Thai food especially those very spicy which make you sweat!

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food is located by Tan’s Jetty. The dining area is actually situated at the house compound area.


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Hawker Food at Cintra Street

Wondering where to have your tea time at Penang? Whenever during weekend, I like to drive to Cintra Street for the Curry Chee Cheong Fun (ccf). When I found out this ccf in year 2008, I’m liking it until now.


Manila Place, Gurney Plaza

Birthday girl chose to have her birthday dinner at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza. Initially I suggested Chili’s hoping to give her a birthday surprise where the Chili’s Restaurant’s staff will sing her a birthday song and compliment her a birthday cake just like the Hard Rock Cafe Birthday Dinner.

But Birthday girl wanted to have light dinner and she prefer Manila Place. Well, birthday girl is the queen of the night right. So Manila Place it is.

Browsing thru the menu, I got attracted by the 100% fresh fruit juice with NO sugar added.

Birthday girl and me ordered Pineapple + guava + orange + lemon (if I remember correctly). It tasted sourish with minimal sweetness. So tasty yet healthy!

The carrot + lemon juice tasted weird :P Carrot taste does not blend with lemon.


Ki Xiang Klang Bah Kut Teh

Ki Xiang offers 2 types of bah kut teh; bah kut teh soup and dry bah kut teh. Dry bah kut teh is not very common or popular in Penang but is already common in KL. Another stall that is selling dry bah kut teh is at opposite Tesco Extra Penang.


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Famous Food in Luo Dong Night Market, Yilan, Taiwan

My trip to Taiwan last month was a great one! We fly to Taipei with Air Asia and landed at Taoyuan Airport. It was on early Dec, therefore the weather is cooling (minimum temperature during our trip was 12 Deg C).

One of the food that make my family members screamed for is Yilan Spring Onion Pancake (Cong You Bing). Yilan is famous for cultivating spring onion, therefore you can imagine how fresh the spring onion can be.

Our driver recommended us this stall for the Cong You Bing; “San Xing“.


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Maa Roy Restaurant : Authentic Thai Cuisine

Looking for Authentic Thai Food in Penang? Maa Roy Thai Food Restaurant do offer a wide range of authentic thai food.


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Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee

If someone ask you, ‘Would you like to have a full course curry meal? ‘ , what would come across your mind? When my uncle asked me that when I first arrived at Penang, I was imagining an Indian cuisine. To my very surprise, it’s actually hawker food which serve curry mee with a wide variety of curry side dishes.

This curry mee stall is located at Raja Uda, Butterworth which only operates at dinner time. This stall is always flooded with customers during my visits.

Upon arriving, the more than 10 curry dishes definitely caught my attention. The fragrant of the curry spices immediately attack my nostril. Being a tam chiak (person who loves to eat) girl, if can I want to order all those curry dishes be it curry chicken, curry squid, curry prawn, curry clams, curry string ray, etc! Let’s forget about the cholesterol for the time being :P

Raja Uda Famous Curry Mee 9


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Spicy and Sour Fish Bihun @ Sg. Ara

Recently I’m being advise by my doctor that I should avoid eating those char koay teow, curry mee and fried food due to some health issue. Even chocolate! Gosh! How can I ever avoid eating chocolate? Sigh… no more fun and excitement already! :(


Fried Fish Bihun Soup – Allie’s Favourite

This stall has always been my favorite stall for bihun soup with fried fish. Few months ago, the coffee shop that this stall located in was going through a renovation. Been hunting for other stalls which sell bihun soup with fried fish, but
somehow I am still not able to find a stall with crispy and succulent fried fish comparable to this stall. :(

Glad that this coffee shop is done with renovation now and is name with Yummy Cottage. I can savor my bowl of fried fish bihun now!


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