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Char Koay Teow

Special Lor Mee

When I said ‘Lor Mee‘, I guess you’d imagine thick gravy with some herbs and spices taste bowl of noodle. Today I’d like to write about a special bowl of lor mee.

You can get this ‘special lor mee’ at Kafe Fountain which is located along Carnarvon Street.


Hawker Food at New Lane (Tasty Grilled Chicken Wing & Cuttlefish & Water Convolvulus)

OMG~ I just found out that the Grilled Chicken Wings and Cuttlefish & Water Convolvulus (Yau Yu Ong Choi) at New Lane tasted so good leh! I’ve had my dinner there for so many times and I never know that. I’m soo not qualified to be a food blogger huh?

Just look at the shiny, perfectly grilled chicken wings. The Honey Grilled Chicken Wing tasted great with tender meat and sweet taste. Not too sweet and very fragrant.


Wan Tan Mee @ Eng Loh Coffee Shop ; Penang Hawker Food

The moment we entered Eng Loh coffee shop, the wantan mee stall and its menu attracted our attention. There are around 10+ items displayed in a big signboard.

This is the menu that attracted us. When I walked near the stalll, the owner keep on promoting the noodle to me. I find it very hard to reject her, so I ordered the all egg wan tan mee. 


Top Taste Hokkien Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

What a lazy Sunday morning… I woke up late again. Not able to go to the famous Perak Road or One Corner Cafe Hokkien Mee again. *geram*! Why all the famous hokkien mee finish so early one… can’t they make more to sell? :P  or… I actually should wake up earlier huh. :P

Since we are late, so no luck on the hokkien mee already. So we have to come out with another plan on what to have for our breakfast. My bf suggested the Fried Fish Fillet Bihun Soup at Macalister Road. I immediately agreed as I love the fish there. To our disappointment, we saw that the coffee shop is under renovation and the bihun soup stall was gone. :(

Later we found out that the bihun soup stall is going to stop operation for one month due to the renovation of the coffee shop. 

After a moment of silent due to disappointment, suddenly I thought of this hokkien mee stall told by a friend of mine. It’s located just slightly opposite to the bihun stall. The Top Taste Hokkien Mee stall is located in Sin Kim San Coffee Shop. 

You can never go to the wrong stall as the stall is decorated by a big prawn on top.


Homemade Ice Cream @ Kek Seng Coffee Shop ; Penang Hawker Food

Homemade ice cream is something we can rarely get nowadays. This coffee shop is famous for its homemade ice cream topped on ice kacang. Kek Seng Coffee Shop is one of the hidden gems in Penang.

My ice kacang topped with chocolate and sweet corn ice cream. There are also one piece of jelly on top of the ice kacang which I found that it’s pretty unique. It’s very refreshing to have a bowl of ice kacang in a hot sunny day. 


Ah Leng Char Koay Teow (Re-visited) ; Penang Hawker Food

Ah Leng char koay teow (ckt) is another famous stall of ckt which is located opoosite Honolulu Cafe along Jalan Dato Keramat.
The big sized prawn and mantis prawn is the top selling point of this ckt.
Ah Leng<br /> Char Koay Teow Stall

As usual the stall owner is helped out by his lovely daugther.     

Ah Leng<br /> Char Koay Teow Stall 2

We normally order a bowl of hokkien mee to ease our hungry stomach while waiting for our plate of ckt.


Curry Mee & Wantan Mee @ Chulia Street ; Penang Hawker Food

Penang is very famous of its hawker food. Every hawker center or coffee shop you enter, the very common food will be char koay teow, hokkien mee, curry mee, wantan mee and jawa mee. But it’s very rare to have the good ones to concentrate in one hawker centre or coffee shop. So, you’ll have to travel to a few coffee shop to satisfy your craving for Penang Hawker Food.

There one place where you can find a few good hawker food at night. It’s located along Chulia Street. It’s a very busy street at night as well as in the morning. In the morning, you can find the famous and tasty beef koay teow at the other end of the street.

You are able to locate quite a number to tourist dining at this area.

Chulia Street

The curry mee here do not really need much introduction among Penangnites. I believe many bloggers have blogged about it too.

Fried Lok Lok @ Gurney Drive | Penang Hawker Food

Gurney Drive is one of the landmark for Penang Tourism. I remember during my visits to Penang when I was small (I am not Penang Lang), my uncle will brought us eat at Gurney Drive. We enjoy so much as we saw so many types of food for us to choose from.

Now I’m working in Penang, I like to eat at Gurney drive still. But I only eat from a few specific stalls. The stall that I like is Fried Lok Lok.

You can choose your favourite ingredients and the stall owner will deep fried it on the spot for you.

Gurney Drive Fried Lok Lok Stall I chose some seafood tofu, fish ball, meat ball, taiwan sausages and squids. The squids taste good as the batter used to fried the squid is fragrant with some pepper taste.

Fried Lok Lok 1 Here are some shots of what is available for you to choose.

Fried Lok Lok 2 The sauce to dip your fried items in. There are satay sauce and normal chili sauce.

Chili SauceNormally I’d have a bowl of laksa to go with my fried items. But on my visit that day, I spotted this char koay teow (ckt) stall. It’s written The Cantonment Road Famous ckt and it attracted me. Cantonment Road Famous Char Koay Teow StallThe ckt taste good with the wok hei fragrant and it’s not too oily. I noticed that you can order the special ckt which cost RM 9. I guess the special one is the one with added big prawns. But my favourite ckt would still be Ah Leng ckt which mantis prawns will be added for a special plate of ckt.

Cantonment Road Famous Char Koay Teow 1

Cantonment Road Famous Char Koay Teow 2 My bf ordered wan tan mee. It taste normal, but the dark soy sauce is slightly too much to my liking.

Gurney Drive Wan Tan Mee 1And not forgetting rojak as our dessert. We bought it from stall #77. I found that the rojak has too little grounded peanuts. I like mine with lots of grounded peanuts to goes with the shrimp paste. Taste wise, ok.
Gurney Drive Rojak
The drink (leng chi kang) tasted too bland.
leng chi kang

Map for those who are not familiar:

View here for larger map

Sambal Koay Teow | Penang Hawker Food

During weekend, it’ll always be late lunch for me … or shall I just replace it tea time? Normally I’ll take my brunch around 11am… so my stomach will be filled till evening.

It’s always hard to find food in the evening because most are closed or are yet to open … or just my problem in food finding?

From Bayan Lepas, we drove to pulau tikus, then finally to tanjung tokong directions. Then we suddenly thought of this hawker stalls along Mt. Erskine which is recommended by a friend.

It’s a long stretch of stalls opposite the very famous Mt. Erskine Western Food stall. A wide varities of hawker foods can be eaten here. But this Sambal Koay Teow attracted me most.

Sambal Koay Teow Stall 1

Sambal Koay Teow Stall 2

When the koay teow was served, I was like ‘oh, so it’s just a normal dry koay teow with sambal serve separately’. Feeling = disappointed at that moment. A bowl of fishball and meatball was served together.

First mouthful brings more disappointment as it taste so so only. Then my bf suggested maybe we should eat it together with the sambal. Since the sambal provided is quite little, we decided to add all into the koay teow.

Sambal Koay Teow 1


Fish Ball Soup

First mouthful after we mix in the sambal, a sense of excitment as the sambal taste so spicy and it really added flavour into the dry koay teow. Yummy. Second mouthful … third mouthful… no complain… disappointment gone… Haha… But it’s too spicy after we add in all sambal. Maybe we should add in bit by bit until it taste just right.

Sambal Koay Teow 2

Just one dried koay teow is not enough for us la… hehe… So we order hokkien mee. The hokkien mee doesn’t taste good to me. The soup and the chili are not able to give me any omph…

Hokkien Mee

Our mouth still feel itchy for food after the hokkien mee. So, we ordered char koay teow. The portion is very small. Taste wise, so so.

Char Koay Teow

This place offer a wide varities of drinks. Everything looks so yummy to me, but too bad my stomach is filled with 3 plates of noodles and 1 cup of coconut drink. Haha.. big eater :-p

This is ice kacang is ordered by my friend. It looks good with lots of ingredients, but I didn’t taste it.
Ice Kacang

Will definitely back here for the sambal koay teow and to try out their ice kacang.

Peng Hwa Laksa and Char Koay Teow | Penang Hawker Food

After the trishaw egg tart, we continue our food hunting. Ran out of idea d… suddenly thought of this coffee shop opposite Peng Hwa Secondary School which is famous for its laksa. So, off we go for laksa!

But to my disappointment, the laksa standard deteriorate ler… It tasted so sweet even I added some chili padi into it. Is it because of too much shrimp paste or the pineapple taste too sweet?

Laksa Never tried the curry mee here although I often visit this coffee shop. Let’s give it a try. Hmm.. taste wise. Too normal. Nothing special to brag on. The coconut juice taste is too heavy for my liking.

Curry Mee And finally char koay teow (ckt). This is how my bf like his ckt – without the taugeh. But I like mine with extra taugeh. Haha… totally opposite. The ckt taste good with 3 average size prawn served. Full of wok hei.
char koay teow We were extremely full after the visit to this coffee shop. The popiah and the kuih talam is nice too, but my stomach is too full. Hmm… wonder can we win penangtuapui?

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