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Laksa and O Kio

Laksa is one of my favourite food. Love the sourness and spiciness which force the sweat out of my body. :P

This laksa stall opens around 2pm in the afternoon. It’s located next to Tua Pui Curry Mee. Other than laksa, you can opt for curry mee and also some snacks (fried banana fritters, fried sweet potatoes and many other choices) which is located just opposite the laksa stall.

This bowl of laksa tasted good with bits of fish meat. I love the bird chili added into the laksa.


Hawker Food at Cintra Street

Wondering where to have your tea time at Penang? Whenever during weekend, I like to drive to Cintra Street for the Curry Chee Cheong Fun (ccf). When I found out this ccf in year 2008, I’m liking it until now.


Maa Roy Restaurant : Authentic Thai Cuisine

Looking for Authentic Thai Food in Penang? Maa Roy Thai Food Restaurant do offer a wide range of authentic thai food.


Merry Christmas!

* sniff* *sniff*. I can smell Christmas. 3 days and counting down… My dear readers have you got any plan how to celebrate this Christmas? If you are planning for a meal with your family, loves one or friends you can hop over to Lingzie or What2see blogs to find out places to eat during Christmas.

As for myself, I’ll be counting down this Christmas with my friends and him of course *wink*. And of course not forgetting to exchange gifts.

A surprise came to me last week… I got an early Christmas goodies from Traders Hotel. Those xmas cup cakes are so cute and awesome! Thanks Eileen!


Laksa Kelang Lama, Kulim

Whenever foodies gather together, we talk about food, food and food! We don’t just talk ok, we also have action one. :D

Right after the eating session at Noodle Station, our next target is Laksa Kelang Lama. This is a regular lunch place for those who are working at Kulim area or specifically Kulim Hi-Tech Park.


Christmas Lunch Buffet at The Brasserie, Traders

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Yay! Christmas is coming and I bet people are starting to plan for Christmas meal with family, love ones and friends.

In conjunction with Christmas,  The Brasserie at Traders Hotel offers Festive Semi Buffet Lunch for the whole month of December.


Noodle Station @ Kulim

Kulim is no longer a strange place to me when I joined my current company. It’s not that I’ve to be stationed at Kulim, but I’ve to travel there regularly. Recently, there’s a new shopping mall which is Giant (Kulim Landmark Central). A few new eating outlets opened at the Kulim Landmark Central which makes the lunch choices at Kulim a little more variety and not too boring.

Noodle Station is one of the few eating outlets at Giant. Thanks to Cariso, for inviting me to try out some dishes there.


Light Snacks for Afternoon Tea ; Penang Hawker Food

Weekend always means late breakfast for me. So normally later in the evening we will have some light food before the dinner. Let’s go for some fried economic bihun, fried popiah and tong sui. How does that sound?

It’s a small stall located at Choi Wui Lei Tea Carden Coffee Shop which is located same row with Yaki Teppan Restaurant . It sells some light snack which includes popiah, chai koay, fried raddish cake, tong sui and etc.


Shervone Cake Tasting

It’s been quite sometime since my last post which is on Ko Fu Loft the new Chinese Restaurant in Gurney Plaza.

Let’s continue blogging with something sweet. :) Desserts… my favourite! I’ve been invited by a friend of mine to join Shervone Cake Tasting session held at Isaribi Japanese Restaurant. Shervone had been in cake baking industries for 4 years. Shervone creates the masterpiece of cake for your memorable occasions. They supplies cheese cakes, kids cakes, wedding cakes, pastry, cookies and diaper cakes.


Coconut Jelly ; Desserts

Found something great to cool down myself on a hot sunny day. I found this stall sometime back after my breakfast at Kheng Pin Cafe. I had some lor bak that day and it caused dryness to my throat. My throat felt so uneasy that I were thinking to get lor han guo drink at Cecil Street Market to sooth my throat.

On our way to Cecil Street Market, we passed by this stall and I got attracted by the fridge that stood outside this stall. Penang Coconut Jelly – this is what attracted me. Coconut drink is a great way to cool down the heat. Coconut + jelly would be so cooling and refreshing.


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