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Inaka Japanese Restaurant

What happen when a group of foodies get together? It’ll be eat, eat and eat! It was a fun gathering where a few of us eat till our stomach were so full. This kind of gathering definitely cannot happen always, else I’ll for sure I’m gonna expand sideway. :P

Inaka Japanese Restaurant the gathering venue of that day.


Christmas Lunch Buffet at The Brasserie, Traders

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Yay! Christmas is coming and I bet people are starting to plan for Christmas meal with family, love ones and friends.

In conjunction with Christmas,  The Brasserie at Traders Hotel offers Festive Semi Buffet Lunch for the whole month of December.


Ryoma Japanese Restaurant | Penang Restaurant

First of all, sorry for not updating my blog for a week. I was being kinda busy lately and so fed up with my work. Somehow, I found a way to pamper myself and to release all those anger and frustration. Guess what? I treated myself  a wonderful dinner at Ryoma Japanese Restaurant.


Haven Delights (Part II) |Invited Review

Haven Delights is a newly opened restaurant located at Times Square which served Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong and Shanghai cuisines. 
In Part I, some review on the restaurant interior and desserts had been posted. I truly enjoyed the ice creams and the chef’s special finger food served in Haven Delights. Let’s move on to main dishes.

We were first served with Hotzzz Abalone which is available in the buffet menu. The abalone slices were topped with homemade spicy paste and eel sauce.


Haven Delights (Part I) | Invited Review

More and more restaurants are blooming in Penang island. Apart from the new Smoky Jack Restaurant, I’ve noticed there’s another new restaurant; Haven Delights opened in Times Square few months ago. I got attracted by the buffet dinner they offered but I’ve yet to have chance to try it out. 

Anyway, I’m lucky as I got the opportunity to try out some dishes from this restaurant thanks to Criz who invited me to this session. Of course, I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Ng Boon Tong the chairman and MD of the restaurant for organising this food session for us. 

For this post, I would like to talk about the restaurant and the desserts. As for the main dishes, I’ll write it in a part II post to avoid slow loading of the post.


Tsuruya @ I Avenue | Penang Restaurant

I always pass by this restaurant and whenever I do, the devil and angel side of me will appear and argue whether should I dine in there. My devil side will say, ‘go in… go in… jap food waiting for you…yum yum..’ & my angel side will protect my wallet , ‘Don’t ever go in, it’s going to be very damaging judging by the outlook of the restaurant’.

Finally one day, my devil side won and without realizing I’m already sitting on the tatami.

Tsuruya Restaurant We ordered one Seafood Bento Set to share among us as normally bento set is huge. The bento set come with a bowl of salad, chawanmushi (steam egg) and fruits.

Sakae Teppanyaki / Sakae Izakaya | Auto City Restaurant

Sakae Teppanyaki / Sakae Izakaya is located at Juru Auto City. Sakae Teppanyaki / Sakae Izakaya and Sakae Sushi are under the same company.

This is where my aunt gave me a birthday meal treat. (This is a backdated post). Arigatou gozaimasu my dear aunt!

Apart from teppanyaki dishes, tapas, desserts and drinks (sake and cocktails) are available in this restaurant.

Sakae Teppanyaki Restaurant

Unagi Brown Rice is fried rice with chopped unagi and some mixed vegetables. It’s very fragrant and not oily at all. A great ‘wok hei’ can be tasted from the fried rice.

Unagi Brown Rice Grilled striploin beef rolled with asparagus is one of the tapas we ordered. This dish do represent tapas which means small dishes. The beef is too dry and bland while the asparagus is over cooked.

Grilled Striploin Beef Rolled with Asparagus Teppanyaki salmon which is a pretty normal dish. The salmon is fried to perfection with crispy skin and tender meat. A hint of black pepper taste added spice to the fish.
Salmon Tepanyaki 1 Scallop in teppanyaki style. The scallop is very fresh and sweet.
Scallop in Teppanyaki Foie Gras with Tofu. This dish is subject to availability. The foie gras just melt right in my mouth. The tofu is very soft and smooth. *Thumbs up*
Foie Gras with Tofu 1 Enoki Mushroom – The enoki mushroom is stir fried with minimum ingredients. Only garlic and some seasoning are used but it produces very fragrant mushroom. The mushroom itself taste very sweet but when I ate a more mouthfuls, it started to taste slightly salty.
Enoki Mushroom Assorted Vegetable to balance up the diet. Vegetables are very fresh. It’s stir fried to the very right timing as it’s very crunchy.
Assorted Vegetable Chicken Yaki Soba. The look is not that tempting ya, but it sure taste good. The soba is QQ and each pieces of soba is like coated with egg which make the soba more fragrant.
Chicken Yaki Soba Geisha Spring Roll is spring roll stuffed with fresh oysters, vegetables and minced chicken. This dish taste so so to me as the meaty filling is too soft. I think it’s due to osyter?
Geisha Spring Roll 1 Grilled egplant topped with fish flakes – The eggplant is baked which retained the most original flavour of the eggplant. The fish flakes taste good. I always like fish flakes.

Grilled Eggplant topped with Fish Flakes 1 Random shots to share:
Sakae Teppanyaki Restaurant Interior 1
Our handsome chef :-)

Grilled Eggplant topped with Fish Flakes 2
Foie Gras with Tofu 2
Salmon Tepanyaki
Sakae Teppanyaki Restaurant Interior 2

Geisha Spring Roll 2

Sukiyaki @ Kirishima | Penang Restaurant

My first pot of Sukiyaki. I’ve never try sukiyaki before.

It’s a one pot meal which is similar to Chinese Steamboat style of eating. The main ingredient is thinly sliced beef simmered in sukiyaki sauce. Other ingredients such as few types of vegetables, enoki mushrooms, onion, tofu and japanese glass noodles are too put in a pot together with the sukiyaki sauce.

I was surprise that the sukiyaki sauce is so sweet. In fact, slightly too sweet for me if to drink it on its own. But the sliced beef simmered in the sukiyaki sauce is so tasty. The beef is so tender.

The other thing that I like is Japanese glass noodles. It’s slightly chewy and not like our local glass noodle which is quite soft. When it’s eaten with the sukiyaki sauce, it tasted slighty sweet. Nice.

Enoki mushroom cooked and simmered in sukiyaki sauce also very tasty. Yummy. The mushroom absorbed the sukiyaki sauce, so when we bite on the mushroom, there are lots of sauce.

Kirishima at Cititel Hotel operating at: 12noon to 2.30pm (Lunch), 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)Location : Lobby Level.

Japanese Food | Sakae Sushi – New Menu

It has been quite sometime since my last visit to Sakae Sushi. Hmm… I think almost half a yr already.

Just a while after we are seated, I found that Sakae Sushi had changed to a new set of menu. *paiseh*. I think that they must have changed to this menu for quite sometime since I found some torn pieces in the menu.
We’ve ordered Hana Maki, Chuka Hotate, Kakiage (Vegetable Tempura), Fried Tofu, Kizami Unagi and Soft Shell Crab Temaki.
Hana Maki is sushi wrap with raw salmon and topped with mayonise. Taste good.
Chuka Hotate; my favourite. A must order everytime I visit Sakae Sushi. It’s the marinated frills of scallop. Taste slightly sweet ad spicy.
Kakiage – Vegetable tempura; consist of carrots, onions, capsiums and brinjal. It’s only cost RM 1.90 and serve good as snack.
Next round is Fried Tofu, Kizami Unagi and Soft Shell Crab Temaki.
The Fried Tofu is also a must order. The tofu is topped with some sweet sauce (kinda like the one served with unagi) and the texture is very soft. Price only RM 1.90, very worth.
Kizami Unagi – something new for me. I’ve just discovered this in the new menu. The topping is chopped unagi which taste slightly sweet. I like his new dish!

The above dish ar, I also dunno what’s the name. But I’ve asked the waitress. According to her it’s some Japanese bean. But it taste terrible – the bean taste like it’ve turned sour and it’s sticky. The stickiness is shown in second picture. This sushi make my friend wanna vomit. I only eat one bean, but also can’t stand the taste.

The last dish is Salmon Kamaage. The salmon is fried then served. The meat is soft and the skin is slightly crunchy. Very aromatic. A picture is more than 10,000 of words. My chopstick is faster than my camera. *paiseh* Hehehe.

Overall, a very satisfying dinner. Somemore this dinner is for my friend farewell. She resigned from the company where both of us used to work in. After I changed job, we haven’t meet until that day. So, we hv lots of things to chat on.

All The Best in your new job, YH!

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