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Laksa and O Kio

Laksa is one of my favourite food. Love the sourness and spiciness which force the sweat out of my body. :P

This laksa stall opens around 2pm in the afternoon. It’s located next to Tua Pui Curry Mee. Other than laksa, you can opt for curry mee and also some snacks (fried banana fritters, fried sweet potatoes and many other choices) which is located just opposite the laksa stall.

This bowl of laksa tasted good with bits of fish meat. I love the bird chili added into the laksa.


Laksa Kelang Lama, Kulim

Whenever foodies gather together, we talk about food, food and food! We don’t just talk ok, we also have action one. :D

Right after the eating session at Noodle Station, our next target is Laksa Kelang Lama. This is a regular lunch place for those who are working at Kulim area or specifically Kulim Hi-Tech Park.


Balik Pulau Laksa (Laksa Marathon Part III); Penang Hawker Food

Laksa soup, fish and laksa noodle… all these were swimming and fighting in my stomach afte the laksa’s’ in our laksa marathon trip part I & part II. We still have one target place in mind for laksa but our stomach are not able to take it at that time. To give our ‘little’ stomach sometime for digestion before another bowl of laksa, we drove up to Bukit Genting to see if there’s any nice scene for photography.

Only able to take a few shots as the weather was too hot, I am not able to withstand it. Before I continue with my third bowl of laksa, let me share some shots I took at Bukit Genting first.

Butterfly shot.

Green green view from top…


Balik Pulau Laksa @ Nan Guang (Laksa Marathon Part II); Penang Hawker Food

Our laksa marathon continues after our first stop at Farlim Shell Laksa. Where we went next? Up up the hill we went… we are going to Balik Pulau for laksa. When we arrived, I was excited as I saw there are 3 types of laksa available. There are Assam Laksa, Siam Laksa and Mix Laksa

Too bad that there are only 2 of us. Hence can’t try out all 3 types after the laksa, bak kua bread and popiah we had at our first stop.  So we ordered the Assam Laksa and Mix Laksa. 

Mix Laksa would be assam laksa + siam laksa. Siam laksa soup base is made from coconut milk, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves. Siam laksa tasted more to milky type. Therefore, mix laksa is the best way to balance up the milky taste of the siam laksa as assam laksa is the sourish type.


Farlim Shell Station Laksa (Laksa Marathon Part I); Penang Hawker Food

For those who has been following my twitter, you would have noticed that I had a laksa marathon last week. Hmm… it’d be in 6 hours we’ve eaten 3 types of laksa. That’d be like a bowl of laksa in an interval of 2 hours. :P  Oh… it definitely make me walks 3 feets away when I see any laksa stall. 

Our first stop was Farlim Shell Station Laksa. I’ve read about this in a few blogs but didn’t manage to give it a try until last week. My bf recalled that 10 years ago, he had this laksa before. He was shocked that the small stall now had grown into a coffee shop.

At first we planned to order only a bowl of laksa to share among us, but when we entered the coffee shop the laksa soup aroma rushed into our nostril.


Homemade Ice Cream @ Kek Seng Coffee Shop ; Penang Hawker Food

Homemade ice cream is something we can rarely get nowadays. This coffee shop is famous for its homemade ice cream topped on ice kacang. Kek Seng Coffee Shop is one of the hidden gems in Penang.

My ice kacang topped with chocolate and sweet corn ice cream. There are also one piece of jelly on top of the ice kacang which I found that it’s pretty unique. It’s very refreshing to have a bowl of ice kacang in a hot sunny day. 


Penang Hill Laksa ; Penang Hawker Food

My food hunt continued to laksa after we ate the sister curry mee near Air Itam market. This stall is located by the road side on the way to Penang Hill.

Penang Hill Laksa Stall

The laksa tasted more to sweet side to me which is similar to the one at opposite Peng Hwa school. I like to add in some bird chili into my laksa to increase the level of spiciness.

Penang Hill Laksa 1

Peng Hwa Laksa and Char Koay Teow | Penang Hawker Food

After the trishaw egg tart, we continue our food hunting. Ran out of idea d… suddenly thought of this coffee shop opposite Peng Hwa Secondary School which is famous for its laksa. So, off we go for laksa!

But to my disappointment, the laksa standard deteriorate ler… It tasted so sweet even I added some chili padi into it. Is it because of too much shrimp paste or the pineapple taste too sweet?

Laksa Never tried the curry mee here although I often visit this coffee shop. Let’s give it a try. Hmm.. taste wise. Too normal. Nothing special to brag on. The coconut juice taste is too heavy for my liking.

Curry Mee And finally char koay teow (ckt). This is how my bf like his ckt – without the taugeh. But I like mine with extra taugeh. Haha… totally opposite. The ckt taste good with 3 average size prawn served. Full of wok hei.
char koay teow We were extremely full after the visit to this coffee shop. The popiah and the kuih talam is nice too, but my stomach is too full. Hmm… wonder can we win penangtuapui?

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