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Penang Restaurant

Dragon Nine Restaurant

Dragon Nine Restaurant, another Hong Kong style restaurant which is located at Bellisa Row. The name of the restaurant got me assumed that it serves food as Kim Gary or Canton I, but to my surprise, it’s not. The menu consists very limited choices of dim sum but a variety of cantonese stir fried dishes.

Dragon Nine Restaurant

Dragon Nine


Inaka Japanese Restaurant

What happen when a group of foodies get together? It’ll be eat, eat and eat! It was a fun gathering where a few of us eat till our stomach were so full. This kind of gathering definitely cannot happen always, else I’ll for sure I’m gonna expand sideway. :P

Inaka Japanese Restaurant the gathering venue of that day.


Wang Chau Jun Restaurant

Craving for something super sour? Let’s head to Wong Chau Jun restaurant for their sour and spicy fish bihun soup.


Pearl Palace Restaurant

Pearl Palace Restaurant is residing humbly at Setia Pearl Island┬áCountry Club. Considering the location of this restaurant, I don’t think that anyone would have walk-in into this restaurant for lunch or dinner purpose. But I personally feel that it’s a nice place for a function such as wedding, reunion dinner, friends gathering and etc.


Opera Oriental Cuisine (Valuable Set Lunch) | Penang Restaurant

I was looking for a restaurant which serves good set lunch with reasonable price and so coincidently Lingzie posted about Opera. It’s so alluring to see the pictures in her post and of course I got attracted. Without a second thought, I forwared her link to both of my friends whom we planned to hang out together on Saturday, girls day out! :D

Both of my friends responded very fast and said, ‘Ok, let’s go to Opera!’.

Opera is located just 2 shops away from Smoky Jack which do provide set lunch too. What a small world it is as I bumped into Lingzie when I lunch there :D

I like the ambience of the restaurant. We feel cosy and peaceful.


Young Heart Restaurant | Penang Restaurant

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just 2 weeks away. Many restaurants have already start promoting their CNY dishes which are specially created for this festival.

Young Heart Restaurant too had created some CNY special dishes and I have the opportunity to try them out thanks to CK who invited me to this dinner.

Young Heart Restaurant 1

Steamed dumplings (jiao zhi) and pan fried dumplings (guo tie) are their speciality.

Tsuruya @ I Avenue | Penang Restaurant

I always pass by this restaurant and whenever I do, the devil and angel side of me will appear and argue whether should I dine in there. My devil side will say, ‘go in… go in… jap food waiting for you…yum yum..’ & my angel side will protect my wallet , ‘Don’t ever go in, it’s going to be very damaging judging by the outlook of the restaurant’.

Finally one day, my devil side won and without realizing I’m already sitting on the tatami.

Tsuruya Restaurant We ordered one Seafood Bento Set to share among us as normally bento set is huge. The bento set come with a bowl of salad, chawanmushi (steam egg) and fruits.

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